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Paytopia is a quick and easy place to purchase the features and services provided by Cryptopia

Listing Combo

2800000 DOT

Listing subject to developer review
Exchange Listing
1 Month Reward Slot
2 Month Tipping Slot
1 Month Featured Currency

Combines Exchange Listing, Tipping Slot, and Reward slot into one easy package at a discounted rate.

Exchange Listing

2000000 DOT

Listing subject to developer review
4 Base Markets
High Performance Trade Engine
Arbitrage Tools
Marketplace Integration

List your coin on the Cryptopia Exchange. Tradepairs for BTC, LTC, DOGE and UNO basemarkets, arbitrage tracking against supported exchanges and Marketplace integration.

Lotto Game

30000 DOT/mo

Great advertising opportunity
Daily Draws
3 Prizes
Multiple Currencies
Adjustable Ticket Price

Create daily lotto games for your coin, you can set the ticket price and the lotto games will be drawn daily.

Featured Currency

250000 DOT/wk

Great advertising opportunity
5 Weekly Slots
High Traffic Visibility

Advertise your coin on the main Exchange landing page, this is a great way to promote your coin to the Cryptopia traders.

Tip Slot

60000 DOT/mo

Fantastic distribution mechanism
API Support
Multiple Tipping Options

Add your currency to Cryptopia's trollbox tipping system. This is a great way to promote and distribute your coin to the Cryptopia community.

Reward Slot

30000 DOT/mo

Fantastic distribution mechanism
Randomized Payments
Faucet Style Distribution

Add your coin to the Cryptopia Reward system. The Reward system distributes rewards to active users on the Crytptopia website for Trading, Mining, chatting and tipping, and is a great way to promote your coin.