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Weekly Release Changelog

This weeks release contained some Public API improvements New Information added to 'GetMarket/GetMarkets' response

  • Open (The opening price of the data period)
  • Close (The closing price of the data period)
  • BaseVolume (The total traded base volume for the data period)
  • BuyBaseVolume (The sum of the buy orders in the base currency)
  • SellBaseVolume (The sum of the sell orders in the base currency)
New Information added to 'GetCurrencies' response
  • ListingStatus (The current listing status of the coin)
Market calls have been simplified to accept both the TradePairId (e.g. 100) or the Market name (e.g. DOT_BTC) New API call added "GetMarketOrderGroups" allows you to fetch multiple orderbooks in a single call, documentation can be found in the API forum Private API Documentation

Published by: sa_ddam213 @ 4/27/2017 4:02:23 AM

New Crypto Media Sponsorship.

Today we are happy to announce we are now sponsoring Koles Coin News. Check out their channel, where they broadcast the latest Crypto news in English, Russian and Spanish

Published by: DaRoll @ 4/22/2017 3:55:55 AM

Cryptopia Shares

We've had reports of a couple of users attempting to sell Cryptopia Shares that they do not own. Please be careful when purchasing shares from other users. All transfers of shareholdings must be facilitated through Cryptopia as we are required to maintain the shareholdings on the New Zealand Companies Office website which is a New Zealand Government website: An FAQ about the Cryptopia Shares is available in the Forum.

Published by: Hex @ 4/20/2017 10:53:58 PM

Weekly Release Changelog

Some of the things included in this week's maintenance:

  • Each of the history tables in your account page can now be exported in various formats.
  • Real time updates added to Exchange Summary page
  • Improvements made to tradepair lists
  • Trade engine improvements

Published by: Hex @ 4/20/2017 2:35:34 AM

Bitcoin(BTC) Deposit Confirmations Lowered to 1

We have lowered the needed deposit confirmations for Bitcoin(BTC) to 1 network confirmation. This will help speed up your deposits to Cryptopia :)

Published by: sa_ddam213 @ 4/18/2017 2:45:26 AM

Shares Available For Purchase Again

500 more shares have been made available for purchase on Paytopia

Published by: sa_ddam213 @ 4/12/2017 4:59:55 AM


We have a news feed now! We'll use this place to keep you updated on new things, like this news page! It also has our Twitter feed over there ---> What else is new? In the top right in between the logout button and your notifications and inbox is a button to quick switch between the light and dark theme. And lastly the Referral system is finally complete! Each month you will receive 10% of each referred users trade fees converted into DOT. To see your referral details head over to your Account page

Published by: sa_ddam213 @ 4/12/2017 3:28:03 AM