Bee Propolis pure Fresh Organic Siberian Raw Propolis from Siberia-100g

Bee Propolis Pure Fresh Organic Siberian Raw Propolis from Altai - Siberia One lot = 100 g. Propolis (bee glue) is a clay-like substance through which the bees in the hive close up cracks and isolate the harmful foreign objects that enter the hive. Along with honey, pollen, royal jelly and zabrus it is one of the traditional products of beekeeping. Bee glue is a little part of the zabrus zabrusnogo and honey. Bees get him out of the sticky substance of deciduous and coniferous trees, vegetable juices, mixing it all with their own pollen and saliva. The composition of propolis has more than 280 connections, but all of them identified 111. It consists of terpene compounds (terpene acid), which have a pronounced antifungal activity. Also in this product includes a lot of flavonoids (kaempferol, ramnazin, ramnotsentrin, akatsetin, isorhamnetin) who are actively antimicrobial and wound-healing effect. The bee glue organic acids are also present, such as: benzoic acid, caffeic, cinnamic, which effectively stop the development of bacteria, and also possess analgesic properties. It also has a resin, waxes and oils, which possess antiviral activity. In it contains tannins, which have anti-inflammatory effects, helps the regeneration of damaged tissues. The total composition of the product includes approximately 50 active substances. The use of propolis. The illustration depicts a red cross, which symbolizes the treatment of propolis. In the paragraph below – the use of propolis. The use of propolis is truly enormous, particularly in the treatment of various diseases. We describe in this section only details the cases studied. Posts to: Worldwide MyEtherWallet: 0x1a33a3880f7F17793e0B0B8cE4C6c3fC0f252e6f

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