Depositing coins for beginners (Depreciated)

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When I deposit bitcoin I have almost immediate access to it.  I depoisted an alt coin and it's been sitting but not available for a while now, is their a time frame established to when it's available?

84Jamesp: 11/16/2017 12:24:25 PM


You can see how many confirmations are required for a deposit to be cleared on the coininfo page. 

How long it takes the network to provide these confirmations is affected by a number of different factors for example if you are trying to send altcoin that is not very popular or profitable ot mine for example is can take longer because of a lack of miners or stakers to keep its blockchain moving. If we are talking about bitcoin then you might be aware that about 50% of the hash appears to be in the hands profit miners who will shift their mining to a competing SHA256 altcoin when is is being "pumped" and therefore more profitable to mine, this results in a drop of hashrate/processing power on the BTC network meaning that it take longer for the miners to find a block.  

If the coin has a block explorer you can check there see how regular the blocks are to get an estimate of long it take to get the confirmations for a deposit to be cleared here.





Posted: 11/16/2017 12:59:57 PM
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Deposited some neo today and 4 hours later, I'm still waiting for it to show up on my account. So frustrated man. 

Posted: 11/16/2017 3:21:26 PM
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i try to deposit any token from myetherwallet,but the addres is not valid

Posted: 11/20/2017 7:02:00 AM
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I deposited all my litecoin here two days ago and still 0 balance sent numerous messages to support and not even one response to acknowledge my message. 


Did I lose my coins?

Posted: 12/16/2017 4:20:53 PM