23 skidoo

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23 Skidoo
A very odd SHA256-token indeed, if even to be called that. This is the only listing of its specifications, as provided by Malaclypse the Third only to be released upon you in this time:
23 total skidoo, ever. No 'pre' mine/special blocks, however the chain has already undergone its first offerings to Eris. The reward structure confirms to the Law of Fives and the 17 and 23 Enigmata and is as so:
If the block height is divisible by 2, the offering is rewarded with .00000001 Skidoo
If its not divisible by 2, but it is by 3, the offering is rewarded with .0000001 Skidoo
If its not divisible by 2 or 3 but ends in a 5, the offering is rewarded with .000001 Skidoo
If it doesn't conform to the Law of Fives, but is divisible by 17 or 23, the offering is .00001 Skidoo
All other blocks don't pay, yea that's right, 0. It will take nearly 400K of blocks to have 1 whole Skidoo
1/1000th of a Skidoo is a Chao, and this is the default method of divding Skidoo. Default RPC Port is 10023. The Discordian Gravity Well was directly ripped off from Kimoto and as such, the difficulty is self-regulating. Blocks take 23 confirmations to be valid and to be infuriating, there is a 5000 milliChao limit to how much you can send at once. Oh and plus a silly fee structure that could cost you as much as you'd like to send in fees payable to the Discordian network of Skidoo pushers.
Source, Binaries, and Decoder Ring can be found at 23skidoo.info. Skidoo is numbers/math/electricity based worship of Chaos and the Goddess Eris and can be used by Discordians (including the ODD, LDD, EDD, first and second order or of any degree) or the Syndicate in place of hempscript of flaxscript for transactions amongst themselves. Should thou choose to value Skidoo, thou taketh it upon thineself.
Ewige Blumenkraft!
Block Explorer / Crawler
Consult your Pineal Gland.
SHA256D Algo
2 minute 20 seconds block targets
Proof of Work
23 total coins
Source Code
Sample skidoo.conf
RPC Port:  10023
P2P Port:  10005
ANN THREAD:  https://cryptocointa...-do-you-skidoo/

Posted: 7/23/2016 9:24:45 AM
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I analyzed this coin for 5 days. I can say with certainty about this coin several extraordinary mysteries. It seems like there are two pools. But the peculiarity of one thing from another is extraordinary. First, the Zpool.ca pool did not have a zero block. The second is that basically all the delicious blocks are always taken by him. He - very rarely gives the block if there is a commission in it. And in the fourth - there is no possibility for him to connect, although somewhere he found a link to it. Well, in the fifth - I often noticed finding more than two blocks (even seven blocks were located), but blocks in the blockage were displayed in smaller numbers, probably because of the tasty block. In the sixth - only the percentage of fall is close to 20, so immediately Zpool begins to gain momentum on the collection of blocks, although the hasht was seen 5.5 t \ s against its 1.2 t \ s. Translated from Russian into English by https://translate.google.com

Posted: 7/20/2017 1:51:15 PM