InvestFeed IFT Deposit missing for over 24 hours, even though transaction has been confirmed on ETH blockchain smart contract.

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I wonder if you might be able to help me?

I am trying to get support for a missing deposit into Cryptopia, but Cryptopia support does not reply to support tickets, or Facebook & Twitter, and no-one can help on the Discord or Telegram groups.

I generated an IFT (InvestFeed) wallet address on Cryptopia, and double check that there were no issues and no maintenance on the wallet (as advised). I then transferred IFT to the wallet - the full details are below.

I have submitted a support ticket (179891), but no reply.

I am very concerned - this is really urgent for me. Here are the details: I am very concerned as a transaction is not appearing in my IFT wallet after over a day.

The deposit wallet address given to me by Cryptopia is: 0x1fb4d824c7dccaaeb344a44d297d506ca2b00ae9
The transaction ID: 0x2b931199d2b367af15a0d7e20901a67ff1d13fb7ccafb69dce6f044ce494d53a
Source wallet: 0x4b01721f0244e7c5b5f63c20942850e447f5a5ee
The transaction status = Success Completed Feb-06-2018 06:55:18 PM +UTC
Quantity = 17,780.3553407

I have checked everything that I can think of on the Cryptopia website and the IFT wallet, and there is no information to suggest there are issues.

This is causing me a lot of stress. I had intended to trade the IFT tokens. It's been over 1 day since the transaction has been confirmed on the Ethereum blockchain, so it should have shown up in my Cryptopia wallet.

I don't know why Cryptopia support is treating me like this. I have been polite and patient, but they have totally ignored me and made no attempts to solve the problem. Someone in the Discord said that it will be at least 35-40 days - that's one-tenth of a year, so that is obviously not possible and just a joke. The Telegram group is full of toxic comments and everyone there seems to hate Cryptopia - people are telling that Cryptopia has stolen my money... so now I am worried that Cryptopia are scammers.

If anyone can offer any help of information I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance for your time. Kind regards, Ben.

Posted: 2/7/2018 11:40:55 PM
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Average reply time is 35 days or longer.

Posted: 2/8/2018 12:36:45 AM
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Have you received your deposit on cryptopia yet? I am experiencing the same problem and going on 24hrs now..

Posted: 2/8/2018 2:10:47 AM
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me too

Posted: 2/8/2018 4:52:17 AM