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Chat Moderators (Green Shields)

Here is a basic outline of what is expected of Chat Moderators, please ensure that if you are in the Trollbox that you also be online in the Cryptopia Slack.
Make sure you read and understand the Trollbox rules and follow them yourselves.

Chat Moderators are able to moderate the Trollbox and update Coininfo pages.

Moderating the Trollbox.
Ensuring all users are following the Trollbox rules.
Able to warn users for breaking Trollbox rules.
Ban users that repeatedly break the Trollbox rules.
Delete chat messages that breach the Trollbox rules.
Report any suspicious activity to Hex, sa_ddam213, CoinUser, MrFloppy or fairlady.

Banning with warning
You should always try to give the user a warning before you take any sort of action, unless they are a repeat offender.
Make sure you state the rule/s they have broken and post a link to the Trollbox rules in the ban message.

Banning without warning
You can ban a user without warning for the following reasons:
Excessive and or deliberate link flooding in Trollbox.
A user that repeatedly breaks the same rules.

It is your duty as a Chat Moderator to uphold the Trollbox rules, be helpful and respectful to those in chat and set an example.
Answer questions where you can when they are asked and direct users to raise Support Tickets appropriately.
Chat Moderators are not above the rules and can also be banned.
In the event that a Chat Moderator is pay banned they must sit out the full duration of the ban and may not unban themselves.
Chat Moderators must not use the Chat Moderator ban hammer for personal reasons, any joke bans or personal bans must use the payban hammer like every other user.
Chat Moderators may not ban other Chat Moderators.
If a Moderator(Orange Shield), or an Administrator (Red Shield) bans a Chat Moderator they must sit out the full duration of the ban and may not unban themselves.

The first Chat Moderator to respond to a users question or problem, should be the only Chat Moderator to handle the situation unless they have asked another Chat Moderator to step in or help. This is to avoid miscommunication between users and different Chat Moderators.

Any issues involving Chat Moderation should be resolved in a Support Ticket.

Chat Moderation is essentially a volunteer job, those that fail to remain active or abuse their position will be stripped of the role.

Chat Moderators who remain active will receive 5,000 DOT a week as a token of appreciation.

Do not ask us to be a Chat Moderator.

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