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The purpose of this thread is compile and provide information and to further discuss a shitty situation where messages won't be deleted to further obfuscate the truth that is trying to be suppressed.
Cryptopia strongly advises that anyone avoid the coin FLY and its team, these people are beyond incompetent and incapable of developing let alone maintaining a functional coin. They hide in the safety of their self moderated shitcointalk thread where they can delete any and all dissenting posts, to manipulate a narrative in which they are the victims and saviors of a situation that they not just created, but one could even argue intentionally engineered.
FLY was a coin with no exchange, they desperately wanted to get listed somewhere, and they paid the full listing fee to get on Cryptopia. Once they were listed on Cryptopia they then released broken fork after broken fork. This eventually lead to them burning the entire exchange's wallets including all of the users coins from the blockchain. Despite the fact that Cryptopia supported them through this entire mess, identifying their untested bugs and advising on how to correct the issues they blamed Cryptopia for their releases, implied that Cryptopia was responsible for fixing their code, and accused Cryptopia of stealing user funds.
As more and more people stepped forward to point out the broken logic and false claims as well as the incompetence and mismanagement displayed by the FLY team, the more posts were deleted, and the more outrageous their defense became. Vegasguy foolishly went as far as to claim that we had stolen bitcoin from him, which we have incontrovertible proof is false, as is easily verified by the immutable blockchain supplied by the Bitcoin network.
While listed on Cryptopia FLY hardforked to implement a new address type, specifically for usage by exchanges. Cryptopia complied and moved funds to this new address type, FLY then hardforked again to remove these new address types, burning all Cryptopia's coins from the blockchain. They then continued to blame us for their actions and tell people that we were capable of sending people their coins and that we were simply unwilling to do so. They also argued that because Yobit and Bleutrade had installed the coins AFTER all of these hardforks and thus had not experienced the issues they had caused that we were the incompetent ones at fault. This issue has still not been resolved, despite Vegasguy's claims.
I invite anyone who has had raw dealings with FLY to add to this thread, your posts will not be deleted like they were in the shitcointalk thread. We cannot allow supposedly trusted people to continue to abuse that trust and harm new users to crypto that don't know any better. People such as Vegasguy and his team are a blight on crypto and scammy behavior such as theirs is a cancer that must be excised.

Posted: 6/19/2016 11:28:39 PM
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it seems the joke is on FLY coin itself.  your leader was a general investor that wanted to created at betting coin to be in circulation (vegascoin) and when he noticed it was being dumped by winnings, he flipped out.  so he decided to go the opposite direction and make a coin NOT to be in circulation, rules on selling, completely scamming anyone new to market with exchange prices not determined by the equilibrium of circulation. 

because vegas would not admit that the development hasn't had enough time to sort out.  he concluded to attack cryptopia thus showing his hand to pull these tricks.

The current logic behind what I see is here at FLY is to create many forks disguised as "poor planning" to burn coins without community acknowledgement or approval.  more over it is pulling tricks on whole cryptographic community as a whole. 

a development issue TURNED into

-coin count manipulation
-false accusation
-further attempts to price fix to scam each person new to market .... Vegasguy... your greed has no end

Posted: 6/20/2016 12:18:29 AM
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I will simply add ... FUCK FLY AND THE DEV TEAM!!!

Posted: 6/20/2016 7:18:30 AM
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Originally I was hired to work out the fine details of the FLY code, in fact I launched the coin. Everything went smooth at first, until Vegas guy had some crazy demands about finishing new work overnight (when I was on vacation) and started FUDing me and making shit up because he was angry that I was unable to add features at the flip of a switch for him. Very bad experience there.

The only other thing I have been involved with for FLY is providing a block explorer, which some of his users paid me to do.

I have tried to stay away other than that.

Posted: 6/25/2016 12:12:24 AM