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Cryptopia Delisting Policy

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Coins may face delisting for the following reasons:

  1. Sufficient nodes are not maintained to keep the network synced and moving.
  2. A coinswap.
  3. Any network issues or bugs that could result in loss of user funds.

Delisting FAQ

Q: What happens when a coin is delisted?
A: First, if there is a pool it is stopped and the wallet is backed up, then the site wallet is stopped and backed up, then any active tradepairs for that coin are frozen and all open orders are cancelled and balances audited ensuring all orders are refunded. the coin is then disabled and balances are no longer visible on the site.


Q: Does that mean my balance is gone?
A: No, if a network can be synced and a transaction can be confirmed we can still send you your coins, or even relist the coin if an active network is being maintained. If a coin is being delisted there may be network issues outside of our control preventing us from sending you your coins until the issue is resolved.


Q: I have a balance for an old coin that is doing a coin swap, what should I do?
A: Withdraw your coin, all of it, all of your open orders, all of your pending mining deposits, all of it. Once it's off Cryptopia, all of it, send it all to the coin dev for the swap or whatever it is coinswappers do.


Q: I have some new coin that just did a swap with some old coin, what can I do?

A: Wait until it's listed on Cryptopia before you can deposit.


Q: Wait so the new coin has to get relisted?
A: Yep, it's a new coin, it's a new listing.


Q: Can coins that have been delisted be relisted?
A: Yes, provided the issue that was the reason for delisting has been addressed and the network can be synced.


Q: So you will send me my delisted balance?
A: Yes, provided we can get the network to sync and the transaction confirms on the network without endagering the funds of other users your coins will be sent to you.


Q: How would you sending me my coins endager the funds of other users?

A: Well for example if a bug in the network that was the cause of the coin being delisted in the first place caused excessively large unpredictable network fees that bled into other accounts we would be unable to send you your coins without losing coins for other users in network fees due to a bug the dev is either unwilling or unable to fix.


Q: Is that a real thing that has happened?

A: Yes.



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