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Tigercoin - TGC

It is a fork of Bitcoin version 0.8.99, with addition of super random blocks.

Proof of work with SHA256 is used as in Bitcoin.


A new Tigercoin client has been released.

Because the new client has a new difficulty algorithm, you need to run the latest version to be able to sync with the rest of the network.




Latest is




Github / Source





Proof of work with SHA256. The following specifications are implemented:
- Mining started at 128 coins each block
- Block reward is 32 TGC each block right now
- 45 seconds block time
- Difficulty retargets every block since the fork
- mining payout is halved every 3 months (every 172800 blocks)
- once the payout reaches 1 coin/block, it will stay there to sustain the mining
- Expected total mined coins will be 47,011,968 coins (not counting the one coin per block inflationary sustaining blocks)
- 4 confirmations for transaction
- 50 confirmations for minted blocks

- Random bonus blocks are (on average):
- 1 superblock of 512 coins every hour (1/80 chance)
- 1 superblock of 2048 coins every day (1/1920 chance)

- The default ports are 15660(Connect) and 15661(RPC).


No Premine.


Block Explorers



Mining Pools 

(Vardiff port is stratum+tcp://umine.co.uk:4233)

SHA 256 Crypto Alt Coin Mining Pools - All pools are actively monitored and come with Stratum, VarDiff and 0% Fees.





Cryptopia: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Home/Voting VOTE!  





Original thread and launch:

Quote from: TigercoinDev on October 17, 2015, 11:01:58 PM

I noticed a bug that could render a client unable to download new valid blocks from it's peers.
This only happenness in a very specific situation on clients with a (temporary) bad connection receiving multiple valid chains.
Nonetheless, I advise to update your clients asap to guarantee stability of both your daemon and network.
The risk of running into this bug is higher when you are actively mining on your client. Especially when this is combined with slow network connections / slow block synchronising.

So I released a new client (version on Github and updated the link to the Windows binary as well.

For your convenience, here is the link to github:
And the new Windows binary:

Good luck & enjoy!


Quote from: TigercoinDev on September 04, 2015, 04:44:28 PM - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=289312.msg12328407#msg12328407

I have released a new version of the Tigercoin client ( today on github.

I got a little carried away, so included in this new version is:
- a brand new difficulty algo (MultiTermCeiling)
- clients will disconnect anyone with a clock offset > 2 minutes from its own local clock
- a stricter block time algorithm. Max block time is adjusted clock + 4 mnutes (twice the max allowed peer offset)
- support for newer openssl versions
- a new recent chain checkpoint
- a new (an actually valid one this time...) testnet genesis block is included
- new alert keys so we can't get surprised by the former dev

The new difficulty algorithm is designed to be able to handle larger hash power changes on the network. This will result in more stable block generation. To be able to support this new algorithm, you need this new client version.


This update will result in a hard fork of the network. This will happen on Sept 18 (two weeks from now) So make sure you update your client as soon as you read this. I realize this is rather soon, but given the current state of the network I dont expect anyone to have a problem with this.

The more restrictive timer functions will help stabilizing block generation because it will prevent tampering with the network difficulty.

Please check https://bitnodes.net/node/194-135-91-150/ to see how many nodes are running the new version already.

Windows binary is available here: https://mega.nz/#!541GhJoJ!1SQyvCw5oFPIlOsKOlb80NonmC5_5nfMsyovOrVFuj8

And, of coarse, check Github for the source: https://github.com/TigerCoinDev/Tigercoin

Any feedback will be much appreciated.

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old school straight 256SHA pow

new dev updated code 2015

it is a dandy little cat

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