I had deposit in to cryptopia but don't have in my balances? what happen

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Today afternoon I transferred 21 ETC from Cryptopia Wallet to Cryptopia Wallet but unfortunately. But i don't see this in balances or any pending deposit.


this is Cryptopia deposit address and it had the balance 9 hours ago

Cryptopia support is not helping either. Can someone help me out what happened here?

Help please

Posted: 1/11/2018 2:50:40 PM
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bende 10895 adet musicoin gönderdim ama cüzdanımda görünmüyor

Posted: 1/12/2018 12:56:43 PM
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some people are waiting for reply for 2 months haha

i lost 24000 music coins .. 2 days back...

Lesson Learned : next time use a reputable exchange other than cryptopia

Posted: 1/12/2018 1:06:02 PM
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algunas personas esperan respuesta durante 2 meses jaja

Perdí 24000 monedas de música. Hace 2 días ...

Lección aprendida: la próxima vez use un intercambio respetable que no sea cryptopia

qasimnaqvi86: 1/12/2018 1:06:02 PM


hi, did you manage to recover your coins?

Posted: 2/24/2018 11:29:23 PM