Accidentally sent NEO to an email address and not a NEO address

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First time using the withdraw function and for some reason the address field was autofilled with my email address. It wasn't clear to me that was meant to be a NEO address, I wish it had stated it.

So seeing my email address there, I assumed it was meant to be there. Weird.

Anyway after receiving the email I accepted and I even thought to myself "how weird is it" you first have to confirm your email, etc... but then going back I realise that the system is trying to send NEO to my email address. Thus it is in "processing".

I've logged a ticket but am unsure of what will happen.

I'm hoping the NEO network will reject it and release it back to me sooner or later. Would anybody know?

Posted: 1/11/2018 12:44:39 PM