Please help- two factor google authenticator

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Asing the general public if I am out of luck or if you believe I can get help.


I seem to have locked myself out of withdrawing from my account while I was changing my security settings. I was originally using a passcode to get in but needed to change my settings and enable two google factor authorization. I did not realize I already had a two factor authorization set up so I ended up with two google authenticator accounts for my account. I deleted one of them thinking I did not need both, however I deleted the new one which is now enabled.  Please help as I am able to log into my account with my email, password, and pin code. however I am unable to withdraw. I created a support ticket in the meantime but do you think I am going to be able to withdraw again from this account? Thank you in advance! 

Posted: 1/3/2018 1:06:18 AM Edited: 1/3/2018 1:19:03 AM
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Hi Cryptopia Support, 

I set up my 2fa with the questions, but it shows invalid. I think I put in the right answers but why it still says invalid. Please help.

Have pity.

Thank you.




Posted: 1/5/2018 2:36:20 AM