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In 22-12-2017 i have a deposit from my Electroneum Wallet for 200  coins to my account in Cryptopia.


In my Cryptopia account is still in zero balance, please help me.


I have opened a support ticket but i dont have any answer.


Thanks in advance

Posted: 1/1/2018 6:38:03 PM Edited: 1/1/2018 10:34:13 PM
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I have the same issue. I transferred some Electroneum from Cryptopia to a paper wallet which I created offline using
which one can download from the official Electroneum site as a zip file.

I searched the Electroneum blockchain
for the public key and was surprised to see a null result. But then I realized that, unlike Bitcoin, Electroneum has three keys: public (the address you give someone when they are sending you some ETN), private view, and private spend (which is the equivalent of Bitcoin's private key). So, when I searched the Electroneum blockchain for the private view key, I was again surprised. Why isn't the blockchain reflecting the transaction? My transaction (transfer of ETN from Cryptopia to my paper wallet) was on December 31, so it seems like it would be visible, no?

I've opened a Cryptopia support ticket and will report the result here in this thread. Cryptopia support is severely backlogged (12 days IIRC) so we'll need to wait and see.

BTW to me it's very heartening that the solution to this issue isn't already google-able. It's an indication of how ground-floor Electroneum is. The word "electroneum" does not appear in Wikipedia! Someone I respect urged me to buy Ripple a month ago, and if I had done so I would have experienced a magnificent gain. The same guy just told me Electroneum is a good play for 2018, and this time I'm not going to make the mistake of ignoring his advice; I'm establishing a significant ETN position.

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