ETH Transaction Fail

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My recent ETH transaction showing complete in Cryptopia. When I checked in Etherscan, the status showing fail. What should I do to gain back my ETH?


Order Number: 1746949

Transaction Id: 0xb5d4cac2e1faa738be7cc6287635837102b9539695dec1ef65fcdca558663ac0

Amount: 0.21182117 ETH



Thanks for your help.

Posted: 12/29/2017 8:30:18 AM
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I got a similar issue ...

made an withdrawal 0.53 ETH,

transaction (1794339) is marked as completed ... but isn't executed the withdrawal to the same address a day earlier (1758448) was processed normally.

Right now, I'm unsure if it is safe to withdraw ETH from cryptopia ... I haven't received an answer to my support ticket so far ...

# Currency Amount Fee Status TransactionId Address Timestamp
1794339 ETH 0.53500000 0.00500000 Complete 0xdd15ca92704a130a461812b3fc3d46193d5148cc9f8363fa3d065f05690fbfdb 0x748a826ab1c228324ad47c5ec099b30362887168 29/12/2017 9:31:00 PM
1758448 ETH 0.50500000 0.00500000 Complete 0x18c4a2ff216e3619ba1d99b1807179c8a061934d2b5acc4e9867abf0f716f5aa 0x748a826ab1c228324ad47c5ec099b30362887168 28/12/2017 3:45:00 PM

Posted: 12/31/2017 9:48:26 AM
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I have requested Eth Withdraw 3 Day ago in cryptopia it's saying completed, but the transfer never arrived i can't even find in blockchain ( etherscan or etherchain ). Would you mind if someone check, please?

Contacted Support TicketId: 95026

"1794378","ETH","0.24972807","0.00500000","Complete","0xb63cc9e929ae20f139637e53dfc923a6b883b8e69a1a993723d89749f8c2b4fb","0x66d1F35ba8aA1E0D433e513b0EfD1878B0f272ce","29/12/2017 9:32:00 PM"

Posted: 12/31/2017 1:25:42 PM Edited: 12/31/2017 1:25:53 PM