All coins buy ordered not appearing in 'Sell' wallet , and or partially delayed .HELP.

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SO 2 days ago i bought 0.65 LTC worth of Kobocoin and 0.21 worth of XRA, and it says in my notifications that I 'bought' 0.15 ltc worth of XRA and 0.05 ltc worth of XRA etc and the same with Kobo coins but only 0.327 ltc worth  appeared in my Kobocoin wallet when it should be around 0.65 ltc worth, which ive sold off now, and with XRA I had 0.21 in ltc worth off coins  bought but it only appeared as 0.06 which i later sold off too. where are the rest at, and why they have not arrived in the wallet, the amounts of XRA and Kobocoin i bought appear correct in my notifications, but did not appear in wallet, and it arrived bit by bit slow AF in to my wallet but failed to come entirely, so why is this ?? I was told to check 'Open Orders' but nothing appeared there and nothing appeared in 'Orders' IS THIS A FAULT IN THIS WEBSITE, COINCIDENCE both coin currecy failing to arrive fully in to my wallet after Litecoin transaction. 

Posted: 12/23/2017 2:35:17 AM
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Putting an order in the books doesn't mean it fully buys/sells immediately, you are trading actively with others.

Instead of creating new threads please look at the really useful posts on how to trade:


Posted: 12/23/2017 4:03:59 AM