*** Forums are not for individual support issues, DO NOT POST YOUR personal info/issues in here! ***

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*** Forums are not for individual support issues, DO NOT POST YOUR ticket/issue in here! *

The only way to get your issue resolved is to Open a ticket here: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Support 

These forums are not staffed and are for information and discussion only.  Do not post your personal information, addresses, account information, tickets etc in here as your issue will not get resolved in here.  There is no queue jumping and with the current growth you should allow upto 12 days for a response to your ticket.

Coin devs with important updates regarding their coin (hard fork, urgent updates) should in additon to opening a ticket, contact a staff member on our discord channel.

Make sure you also read the news page and check our twitter, facebook for relevant news and updates that might affect you.  and check the the Guides/FAQs (there is a search feature) to see if your question has already been answered, before creating a new thread for your question.  You can also ask in the trollbox or discord.





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Posted: Yesterday 8:06:53 PM