Monero Missing?

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Can someone please help me, six days ago I purchased monero it was sitting on Cryptopia exchange so I downloaded the Monero GUI wallet and commenced the transfer from Cryptopia to my new wallet. I got to the stage where I recevied a Cryptopia withdrawal confirmation via email all good so far there is three windows 1) Confirm Withdraw   2) Cancel Withdraw   3) Lock My Account I looked at it and decided to recheck my details so i pressed 2 (Cancel Withdraw) now to cut a long story short my Monero has never been placed back into my Cryptopia account I have tryed to contact Cryptopia many ways without any luck I know they are busy im not saying ive been ripped off but I just want my Monero back in my Cryptopia account can someone please help as im not sleeping to well at the moment, really will appreciate your help thankyou

Posted: 12/16/2017 3:41:23 AM