Account deleted and recreated with all info inc transaction history deleted

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I created a new account on 10th Nov 2017 with all my personal details entered including my personal pin. Since then my pin was not recognised and after 2 weeks of raising a support ticket was sent an email stating that my account would have a static pin created to allow me access as this was a zero balance account. 

This was not a zero balance account and has over 7000+ ETN in it with a number of transactions from other altcoins to do this. Other exchanges I use show coins being sent to do this but now there is no balance on my account, no personal details and no transaction history.

Currently I have 7000+ ETN lost or stolen and have maor issues recieving feedback from support ie 1 email in 2 weeks telling me I have zero balances.cry


EDIT  just recieved a reply from support after 2 minutes of posting here 08:07 am albeit to reset my 2fa which was completed 2 days ago which is when my balances were deleted

I'll keep you updated here as I now can't create a new post

Posted: 12/5/2017 8:02:05 AM Edited: 12/5/2017 8:33:43 AM
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While you asked via email that I delete this I will respond as to explain to others what happened here. The user had two accounts open under different emails and had no transactions on one and many on another. They mistakenly logged into the empty account (it happens :) ) and were concerned. Cryptopia does not delete accounts without being sure of the users identity. We cannot and do not delete transaction history. Multiple accounts are allowed! 

Glad this had a happy ending. We care about the security of your accounts.

Frou :)

Posted: 12/5/2017 9:23:50 PM