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Hi guys.

I deposited 50 euros from Coinbase in LTC to Crytopia and it didn´t appear in my account so I send a ticket to the support.

Then they asked me about my transaction ID and I send them back.

The thing is they say the address I send the funds is not a Crytopia address but I copied from here so how can not be a Crytopia address.

Then exploring I simulated another deposit of Bitcoin and what I saw was my new address of Bitcoin changed after I clicked the done button.

So how can be that? If you press the Done button it generates another address? WTF? I don´t remember if when I deposited my LTC funds I pressed that button but it can be.

The funds seems to be lost but I´m 100% sure I copied the address Crytopia gave me and also Coinbase just send funds if the address you give them is valid.

So the only explanation is the done button.

Help me to understand why I lost my money, at least that cause it seems I can not recover it...

Posted: 12/3/2017 10:51:50 PM
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I deposited 400€ worth of Ethereum to Cryptopia and I also don't see any balance on my Cryptopia account... it has been two hours now.


I checked the "Done" button and after I click it and generate a new address I noticed that my Ether address remaisn the same so hopefully it's not that.


Currently waiting for an answer from support


Good luck

Posted: 12/4/2017 11:21:03 PM