too bad service about clients query and their investment

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hi , i send so many mails regarding my deposit in bottle caps , my money is hold in that since more than 22days now, since 8th its market is paused & i am waiting like foolish that when it will open and i will withdraw my money , but it seems i will be only waiting and waiting..none is here responsible for response clients and give them proper reply, one who is trust on cryptopia & who came here and do marketing, it means that he is trusting on you and your platform, not any coins. so if anything wrong or any issues, he will contact u and will exect that it will be resolve by you. but i am not seeing this things here, even you are not ready to give those clients a satisfactory reply that how much time it will take or when it will be open..really this kind of services i didn't expect from you..

Posted: 11/27/2017 3:31:16 AM