I have a question please...

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Hi there,

I am a newbie here and only today registered with Cryptopia.

I have been running a mining program for the past few days non stop and I just followed some instructions on YouTube to get them into Cryptopia today.

All has seemed to go ok, but something is confusing me...

I started off with a balance (from my mining) of 61 ETN according to the electroeum wallet cli program, but after transferring just 1 ETN to test it out I then went to transfer the other 60 but it was saying I didn't have enough!! After looking a bit closer I noticed some green writing saying I had received about 3 lots of ETN followed by purple writing saying I had spent some ETN. 

What is that all about? I haven't spent any of my ETN!! I only just transfered some that is all. And what was that received all about too? 

So, at the moment I have just 36 ETN on Cryptopia but I apparently should have had 61, (minus the small fee I know).

Anybody know what's going on here please?

Thanks for reading!



Posted: 11/21/2017 5:49:01 PM