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@Jedi2181 pointed me to this thread and said I should "leave it there" after saying this:


imm331: @X1528, wellcome to cryptopia

X1528: I signed up to by some SKY. Not many places doing SKY markets. Feel good about it. They have a great idea.

X1528: Put in about $125 to get in on the ground.

Jedi2181: @X1528, not that be the end of your mentioning of it



I asked him what he meant and he linked me this thread. I have no idea what rule I've broken that he's concerned about. I've re-read the OP a few times to see if talking about specific kinds of Cryptocoin is forbidden but I see nothing of the sort.

What is the point of the trollbox if I can't make predictions about what cryptos I'm optimistic about? I tried to ask him about this and this is what he said:


Jedi2181: @X1528, great but guess what 99% here are not . Hence why you said what you said and that was enough



Does Cryptopia's chatroom literally ban talking about Cryptocurrency prospects? What is the point?

Posted: 8/18/2017 2:05:47 PM Edited: 8/18/2017 2:06:49 PM
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what's up?


Posted: 8/24/2017 11:57:43 AM
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Can someone from admins please reply to my support ticket?! Been waiting more than week now. No heads up, nothing! Is it enough info I gave you or you need more? Seriously guys? I'm patient man but FFS if that's the way you do bussiness then you have to pull fingers out..


Posted: 9/13/2017 8:01:31 AM