Electroneum mining

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Just found this cool Electroneum mining pool at https://etnpool.net . They even have a great referral system where you can get up to 75% discount on their pool fee. So If you want to profit and have huge discounts on the fee like me check out etnpool.net


Block fee: 3%

But with a change to get up to 75% discount on this fee!


This pool also has a very nice community with great support. I'm very satisfied with mining at this pool. It's pretty new and growing at the moment. 

Posted: 11/15/2017 4:17:40 PM
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There are pools with less than 1% fee and even 0% fee :| 

take electroneum.uax.io as an example

Posted: 12/7/2017 5:30:46 PM
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I used them when I first got started, big mistake. Their minimum payout is 20 ETN and the pool only had a block confirmed at an average of every 6 hours the 3 weeks I was with them. After I got my last confirmation I pulled all my miners from that pool and went to easyhash.io . They have much fore frequent payouts and their website gives weekly earning projections based on your hashrate and the current market price of ETN, as well as a less than 1% fee(.01-.02 ETN on 2-15 ETN Payouts every few minutes to hours for me personally). ALWAYS look at all your options before settling on a pool. 

Posted: 12/10/2017 4:19:08 AM