[ANN] OP Coin, High Proof of Stake coin

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OP Coin

You are fan of Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies with high returns and making money? If yes, you must have OP Coin!

Our first roadmap

Windows: https://mega.nz/#!Ne4j2TyS!4tC8ZVHTasSXxr4AdLtausx7nxZkncRBDMwMwCoBFRk
MAC: https://mega.nz/#!tbB2hDLa!FF__IPB3qvhZ2UDl8gZiGcCHFRtOpCpgxc64AyqIE4E





Not official pool: http://starpool.ddns.net:8082

Have you got another high Proof of Stake coins? What are you doing with them? Nothing, you just stake them and thats it. OP Coin will be different. 

Our first goal will be to create a great community becouse this is one of the most important thing to succeed in cryptocurrencies. 
How we want to build big comunity? Except high PoS returns and strong marketing (that i cant talk about more, hope you understad why) you will be able to spend your 
OPC to win great prizes in our many lotteries. You will be able to win not only OP Coin but also another cryptocurrencies (BTC,LTC etc.), another high PoS currencies, games and much more. 
There will be also many different competitions where you will be ale to win great prizes. There will be tournaments, events and everything that we need to our community grow, make money and also have a little fun with us. 

There are a lot of great ideas that we really can realize but we need you all to join and help us!

Why OP Coin?

- High returns, but not too high!
- You will be able to use OPC from the very beginning to participate in lotteries to win great prizes
- There will be competitions, tournaments and events where you will be able to win OPC

The future:

In the future we want to go into the entertainment market and everything connected with it. We want to create mini games, web browser MMO games, PC games with micro transactions in OPC. 
But we don't want to leave our lotteries. We would like to transform them into a mini casino. OPC future will depend on our community.

100 mln. premine will be used for:

- presale
- burning
- airdrops
- competitions
- lotteries
- development
- payments for contractors
- prizes, bounties etc.

Thank you for your feedback. I will try to make that premine part more clear. I don't know how much OPC will be burned but at least 50% of premine. It depends on a lot of factors like: how much will be sold on presale stage, how much you recive in airdrops and others. There will be locked I think about 5-10 mln on awards in lotteries and tournaments, bounties etc. The rest of OPC will be burning all the time.

About lottereies. After you "buy a ticket" 50% will go to the next prize pool and 50% will be burned


If you want to be part of OP Coin join our discord and send me PM:

- In what kind of role will you find youreself
- About your expectations
- About your experience
- What are you good at

I know you all are waiting for this! First airdrop will be 14.11.2017 on discord channel. Hour is not known...

Posted: 11/15/2017 12:04:02 AM Edited: 11/15/2017 12:04:38 AM
Gender: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Threads: 4, Posts: 6

Yesterday start our bounty program. 

General Rules:

  • Bounty program will run 30 days.
  • For bounty program we prepared 189 000 OP Coin 
  • OP Coin which no one receive in bounty program will burn maximum 24 hours after bounty program end.
  • All rewards will be send to your OPCoin account maximum 24 hours after bounty program end. 
  • Facebook/Twitter Campaign (Facebook 60 000 OP Coin/Twitter 60 000 OP Coin)

How to join :

Facebook/Twitter bounty program rules :

  • Start 18.11.2017 
  • End 17.12.2017 
  • Maximum number of users: Facebook 100  |  Tweeter 100
  • We are paying for Facebook Shares and Twitter retweets only. 
  • Account must have real followers, updated regularly, and free of bots. 
  • Multiple accounts are prohibited. 
  • One share/retweet per post/tweet will be counted. 
  • Maximum number of Shares/Retweets per week is 7 - 1 per day.

Payment for Shares/Retweets :

  • 50-200 Friends/Fallowers - 8 OPCoin per shares/retweets 
  • 200-500 Friends/Fallowers - 11 OPCoin per shares/retweets 
  • 500-1000 Friends/Fallowers - 14 OPCoin per shares/retweets 
  • 1000-2500 Friends/Fallowers - 17 OPCoin per shares/retweets 
  • 2500+ Friends/Fallowers - 20 OPCoin per shares/retweets


Bitcointalk.org sygnature and avatar bounty coming soon!!

Posted: 11/19/2017 1:35:49 PM