How to use the Marketplace guide !

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Here you can look how to use the Marketplace and sell or buy an Item on it !



If have clicked on +Add this window will shown !



Please ensure all details are correct before submitting your listing.
Offensive or obscene images will be removed by Cryptopia moderators.


If have clicked on a Item you want to Buy this window will shown!

(For exemple i have clicked the Scrypt Miner picture in Categorie Cryptocurrencies)




Hope this guide will help you to enjoy on the Marketplace !



Posted: 11/9/2017 12:57:33 AM
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Thank you for taking the time to leave this guide. Your guide helped me use the marketplace. I was wondering how does currency exchange work between buyer and seller? Buyer receives item first or seller receives currency and ships? I would like to use the marketplace more but I am wondering what the procedure is so I may avoid getting ripped off and explain to any buyers that ask questions.

Posted: 11/9/2017 7:49:33 PM
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First take my greetings

Could you please help me how to trade in market and how to buy and sell ?

Posted: 11/16/2017 10:18:34 PM