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New Private Message From Cryptopia? Where?

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I have received two notifications about private messages from Cryptopia. Where can I see these? There are no messages in my Cryptopia inbox or private email.


Posted: 9/24/2017 8:09:39 PM
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Same problem here...

Posted: 9/24/2017 11:31:03 PM
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Same here too.

I recieved one on 17/09 and couldnt find it.

Recieved another today and could not find it.


Out of curiosity did anyone else DEPOSIT some fiat last night that showed up today and also got a private message...

I did on the day before each notification so im wondering if one has something to do with the other...


Is this the reason??





Posted: 9/25/2017 12:01:46 AM
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Same here!

My account has also been hacked despite 2FA, then all my coins has been transferred to another cryptopia account. I did not received any email confirmation, even also the hacker login in my account with an well-know IP used for hacking!!!

Posted: 9/25/2017 11:59:46 AM
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Scam cryptopia all my coins are gone

Posted: 9/25/2017 3:33:56 PM
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Beware of imposters, Cryptopia staff do NOT provide updates, special offers or downloads in Inbox messages. Official News and Information are only ever posted on our News PageTwitterFacebook and Forums.
Please ask in our Discord or Trollbox if you receive any messages impersonating Cryptopia Staff.

Posted: 9/25/2017 11:22:58 PM
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This is the message i recieved:


#206235811 - 9/24/2017 5:38:06 PM: New Message: New private message from Cryptopia___


I have actually recieved two but the notifications page only shows the last 1000 messages so i cannot retrieve the other one ( i had wanted to as i remember it had a spelling mistake which raised a red flag to me)

Had a look for the private messages, could not find them , forgot about them. If Cryptopia wants to contact me they will get back to me BUT i would put in a support ticket to check the contact was the real deal bBEFORE i did anything.

PARANOID , yes , but in the Cryptoworld paranoia can save you money.. PARANOIA GOOD....LOSING COIN , BAD, VERY BAD....


Anyway for my two cents worth:

I have found Cryptopia support to be fairly damn awesome , especially when compared to the support by others involved in the Cryptocurrency world. I always get a response (even though it may not be as timely as i would like , but hey, theyre probably pretty busy) and i always get the required information requested.

The only time i have been pissed at them , was basically due to my impatience and frustration at a deposit taking a lot longer than previous deposits (my apologies to Cryptopia Support , my bad)

As with most Crypto exchanges there has been an influx of new customers so i am sure the workload has increased exponentially so we all just have to show a little patience (something im working on)

As for security i believe if you do not ave 2FA on for a minimum of Login , Settings , Withdraw and Transfer you are asking for trouble. Its available so use it , even though its a pain 99% of the time , its better than losing Coin... Thats not a pain , its actually PAINFUL.

For any transaction i do , and ive done a few by now as have most of us , i still send a TEST transaction first. A pain also but i made my mistakes in the early days of getting involved and well , i wont be making them again.


Finally, get a cold wallet. I only leave the minimum coin i can on the exchange. Safer if i have it where the Hackers cannot get it...A pain also , and costs you more in tx fees but thats part of thecost of being as safe as you can..






Posted: 9/26/2017 4:23:45 AM Edited: 9/26/2017 6:36:38 AM
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Scam cryptopia all my coins are gone

Mriennn: 9/25/2017 3:33:56 PM


Missed this post when i wrote earlier.....Sorry to hear that.....Nothing worse in Cryptoland.......

So what happened.... Could you inform me please....

I would be interested o know so i can avoid it happening to my coin...





Posted: 9/26/2017 1:34:12 PM
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The other day there was a fake notice sent out to users with claims of a client to download via some sketchy url shortned link

the link was suspect

I asked in the troll box and got a quick responce about it being a scam

I have 2fa setup however, though if you download some malware via a private message, then provide said malware with logins... you are in no mans land

highly suggest using 2fa. and of the options here, i only suggest google auth or the hardware solution

the rest is a ring up to the bad idea hotline

Posted: 9/27/2017 8:58:27 AM