I do not see coin SIGT deposit

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virus scan

Posted: 10/24/2017 1:10:11 AM
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11 days and still no word.

Shall we give them some motivation through twitter?

kane: 9/11/2017 5:48:43 AM


Yes, by all means, let's!


#cryptopiascam OR #scamtopia 


Not sure which looks better?

wheeny: 9/11/2017 7:16:32 AM


Posted: 11/15/2017 5:33:49 PM
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Hello everyone..I had almost 3000 too and now they are gone. Support doesn t answer and today I remove everything else I had on cryptopia...


How they can do that?

Posted: 11/15/2017 5:35:06 PM
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i got scammed on this too. Luckily i didnt have too many coins.

This was the response i got if anyone is interested:


Regrettably SIGT was delisted recently as per the notice that we gave on our News page : https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/News SIGT was marked for delisting on the coin info page and on the market status. We give at least one month’s notice period after such announcements for users to withdraw to their personal wallets before our wallet is decommissioned. As our wallet has now been completely removed, unfortunately we are not able to recover any balances that were remaining. I sincerely apologise for any inconvenience, frustration or losses that this may have caused. Exchange wallets should never be considered reliable long-term storage for coins. I recommend checking our News page periodically, as this is where we announce important updates including all coins which are due to be delisted. We give a minimum 30 day notice period when this is about to happen for any particular coin. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. I will close this ticket. Thanks fairlady The Cryptopia Team

Posted: 1/5/2018 11:16:12 PM
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Hello! Please tell me I translated the coin CLAM purse on himself, but in the history of the Deposit they don't appear in the blockchain passed and they have long been in the purse.
My balance still haven't yet updated. please check.

Ticket #147862 1/15/2018 8:16:09 PM

73.41783457 CLAM

Address: xX6mCHi15HPVyGoyDj7YniGCXpqXbXCkut

Tx: e9d6ef66c16f035651fc6019ca3b05ec48ac580fab582c20ca6f78476d0e15ec


37 days no respond from support. Where is Support???

37 days, CARL.

DO - Expect a delay in us replying to your ticket, at the moment the wait time is around 20 days.


Posted: 2/21/2018 7:51:33 PM