Ridiculous Delays in getting Coins

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Attempted constructive critism - but no matter how hard I try my discontent due to the losses I incurred that I believe are Cryptopia's fault still will likely come through a little in this post.

How hard would it be to have it so I open one of my coins wallets to make a deposit and see right below the deposit address window "Due to a possible 51% attack, we are requiring 200 confirmations which could take an extended period of timeas long as 1 day or possibly even more.  Please be aware that your coins may not be available for some time due to this extra security measure we implemented to protect your investment."

I have been reading and want to know why Cryptopia DID NOT INFORM ME these insane 200 confirmation delays were going to happen.  Had I known there was going to be a DAY LONG delay in getting some of my coins (specifically some less traded coins that had great profit potential) I never would have transferred them to Cryptopia.  By the time I get these coins after this delay I can guarantee that the price will have dropped to a point where I am going to lose money.  I could still make money right now over 3 hours later, but the prices are dropping and I'm fairly certain by the time I get my coins in around 24 hours the price will be no where close to the same as it is now.

Making a change like this with no notice or warning is a terrible business practice.  If you want to secure your network so people can't steal coins with a 51% I understand that.  Give me the INFORMATION that you are doing this though BEFORE I transfer coins.

I'm very disappointed with Cryptopia over this as are others from the posts around the internet, troll boxes, and other communications with traders.  We should have been informed.  While you claim you were preventing us from losing money, you have now caused us to lose money due to delays in having access to our coins.

Posted: 7/14/2017 3:47:26 PM
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Cryptopia expects its users to do research on a coin before using it. The fact that you bought into a coin on a rise thinking you were going to make profits without doing ANY research whatsoever on the coin to find out that maybe it might not be so trusted so the exchanges jack up the confirmations to avoid any exploitations due to inferior development. Bottom line do YOUR research its not anyone elses responsibility.

Posted: 7/14/2017 7:07:44 PM
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Hi. You can find out how many confirmations a coin deposit requires here: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/CoinInfo

Just search for the coin you want to find out about and click on the settings tab.

Posted: 7/14/2017 7:16:14 PM
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Yes , I was a victim of this practice too..  My transfer last 3 weeks to be completed.  First , the objetcive of coins is fast transfers...   I was trading a lot here.  But after that, I changed the exchange .  I intend to do a lot of trades here, becuse plataform is good. But I have always to check if the coin has 200 blocks of confirmation before i transfer.  BAD for cryptopia, in Brazil  , there was a group in facebook with 57.000 members .  It´s so bad when people ask about Cryptopia...    

Posted: 2/2/2018 9:01:03 PM