Spelling, grammar, trust and confidence.

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I am new to Cryptopia and have yet to use it. As someone who resides in NZ, I would prefer to use an NZ based platform for beginning to own and trade cryptocurrencies. Cryptopia so far looks great, EXCEPT for the poor spelling and grammar often used that makes it look cheap and inauthentic, like a Nigerian scam email.

So, what's the deal? Is English a second language for many of you? Did you not pass NCEA English (or wait, maybe you did and that's the problem, useless NZ schools.) Do you not re-read things you've written before committing them to the web?

I'm not trying to troll here. I would just like to have confidence in you and your product and correct language usage is one small but significant way to gain trust on the web and in the world. I mean just listen to the orange haired shit-gibbon that is the President of the US (just the thought of which makes me want to puke) and his complete mis-use of language and how that shows that he is a complete and utter ignoramus. Using language correctly gives credibility, that is if you want to be taken seriously.

I would be happy to edit and rewrite for you if that would help.

Otherwise keep up the great work.

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If you dont feel safe on an exchange I recommend not using it, simple



Good luck

Posted: 7/8/2017 11:31:44 PM
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I am sure you have started this thread with the best intentions at heart, and I applaud your effort to propose a solution by offering to edit for us, rather then just having a rant and leaving it with no ideas or suggestions to make it better.
Many of the forums are written by our users, who yes, speak and write English as their second language. This may seem inauthentic to you, but for the users who have been with Cryptopia since the beginning, allowing users to make their own threads is part of who we are.  We were the first Crypto-Exchange that allowed speakers of other languages to come to Cryptopia and speak in their native tongue. So much so, that I have lost count of the amount of times I have seen "this is not Cryptopia" in another Exchanges troll-box directed to somebody speaking Spanish.  And this was before President Trump began his Campaign so you can't even blame him for that one.  
So yes, we let people who maybe don't have great spelling or grammar post on this site. And yes, it may make it look like a scam to the uninitiated. And yes, we will be updating all of our forums soon because we know we have to, however the fact that Cryptopia has been so inclusive to speakers of other languages is part of what makes us who we are, and I personally am not quite ready to give that up yet.
I will not speak for the rest of our staff, but in regards to my personal schooling, I have two degrees from the University of Canterbury, and despite the many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars I spent on this education,  sometimes you will see spelling mistakes from me on here too. It isn't because I am uneducated, it is because I am human and working my butt off and you know what? Damn it I get tired and make mistakes sometimes. Right now it is 4am and I have been working 16 hours straight. Not because Cryptopia makes me, but because I want to ensure we continue to have the best Support in the Crypto business. All of our staff work this hard, and as I said, we are human. When we get tired, spelling mistakes may occur.  In fact I am sure this is riddled with them but I am not even going to spell check.
You can look up our office address on the NZ Companies Register. You can look up our directors names and addresses on the that register also. You can Google Cryptopia news and see articles about the CEO and CTO that has photos of them. If you get scammed, you are not that far away, you can look up this information and coming knocking on our doors. If all of this, combined with the fact we are New Zealand's largest and longest running exchange, takes a backseat in your mind to spelling and grammar as a sign of a scam site, then maybe Cryptopia is not the Exchange for you.
To be honest, I really hope we are the site for you and you will grow to love the exchange, because the number of New Zealanders here makes up probably only about 2% of our user-base, and I just want Kiwis to get involved in Crypto. When you think about how we pioneered EFTPOS, I believe we have the perfect demographic to lead the world in Crypto as an everyday payment option and I am so sick of hearing people complain about bank fees all the time.
Right, off to finish my cup of tea, answer more emails and off to bed to do it all again in the morning. Because I love this Exchange and I love my job.  Da Roll out.

Posted: 7/9/2017 4:17:52 PM
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I don't think any of the admins here did particularly well in English, however when it came to computer related classes it was a different story; we like to think that that is the bit that matters.

In the next while, we'll have enough staff and capacity to worry about the bits and pieces we consider to be cosmetic but in the mean time if you feel that any error is too grevious to be glossed over until then, flick me a PM and I'll get them updated.

Posted: 7/10/2017 12:29:32 AM
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Introducing spelling mistakes is one of the 1990's tricks of Nigerian email writers, done to evade text-matching.  Therefore the first writer at the top of this post is, in my opinion, correct to distrust content with mistakes in it, especially the most obvious mistakes.  Those are symptomatic of the writer being up to no good and being a a user of a copy-droid to try to gain +votes on various forums by plagarising content which got +voted.  The droid does not even need to read nor understand the content to get popular by duplicating popular comments; just look for some matching nouns in the thread title and gold stars or +votes below the text.  They introduce random typo errors or grammar faults to evade detection by exact text match.

Here I propose a big back-end task for several bitcoin related fora, which could only be done with substantial computer datacentre use, only IF initial feasibility studies show that the method might have merit.  This could be done without exposing any individual id if the forum content can be supplied separately and without the mapping from username to realworldname, realworldIP, etc.   Duplicate backups of several forum private database blocks into a suitably firewalled datacentre.  The computer scientists then make correlators to look for copy paste of popular comments, especially from one well known forum to and from another less well known one and back again.  As it is a read compare task, needing a substantial holding of text in 'fast memory', it probably is well suited to datacentres with substantial capacity for 'low priority background jobs'.  google ? amazon ? microsoft ? facebook? anyone else ?  Further I propose that the fora usernames and tag images be disguised behind something as ugly as a base-58 string and a qr-code.

Here I present the result of my own initial feasibility study.  Forum moderators can pm me if they would like the username and forum to look at this.

At well known bitcoin forum fffffffffffffffffffffff, user uuuuuuuuuuuu replied to topic ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt with something which had never previously been seen on that forum.  A year or so later, suspected plagarist ppppppppppppppppp wrote in a similarly titled topic tttttttttttttttttttttttd a comment ccccccccccccccccccccccc which matched that of u.  A possible expectation is that two unrelated armies of copydroids, or their human equivalents, have been getting their popularity points for years in this way, to sufficient extent that their next move could be to steal all the money in the world and elect an orang-utang to the White House.

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