Improvement in live trading plot/graph

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The exchange is doing pretty good, but as a customer I have a complaint that the real time plot that we see on the website is quite messy!!
the most important candle is the last candle in any trade, but on cryptopia that candle is never visible because of the price (which ideally shoud have an indent)..


Being a new cryptopia user I would request you to please improve your graphic interface, else coinigy/tradingview are there ftw



A Long Term User

Posted: 7/7/2017 6:11:18 PM
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For a 1st time poster to get some work done as suggested, could the devs behind the exchange suggest the right bitcoin or othercoin price for what looks like a day's work for an intermediate programmer under supervision or a half-day for an expert programmer who knows the exchange software.  It is not that it cannot be done; it is that in reply to your first post on forum why should they ?

Posted: 7/16/2017 7:52:31 PM