EthMonitoring for miners (EWBF, Claymore's, CCMiner) with SMS/Mobile support

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Full guide:

Current version 0.0.11:

- Support SMS Sending when:
-- GPU temperature gets higher than required
-- Miner is not responding for X amount of minutes

- Supports multiple miners with one local software installed.
- Log file support.
- CCMiner-Alexis 1.0
- EWBF Support
- Claymore's Dual Miner support
- Added SSL support for data update.

Web service
- Profit monitoring
- Dailiy profit graph
- profit calculation based on current hashrate and power

How to use:

Download windows binary from here:

Multiple miners supported, only needed to install one of the local miners.
Access token can be received and monitored from here:

Software overview:
Local miners data gatherer

Web based viewing for miners

Notification creating and list

Premium features (

Posted: 6/24/2017 5:38:14 PM
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Wow, very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Posted: 6/25/2017 4:00:40 AM Edited: 6/25/2017 4:01:19 AM
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Monitoring site changed to:

Also Android and iOS apps available.

Posted: 7/16/2017 5:35:52 PM