Open Letter to the WebAdm/CEOs of Cryptopia

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First, Congatulations!


Cryptopia is hitting a high note. 


Second, suck it up boys!


You are going to get hit with a glut of SCAM exchange h8te mail, and general comments.  This is the reward for your success!


Welcome to top-shelf Crypto.


Direct to the point.  Polo is #1, Bittrex is #2, who is #3?


I will guess, you already know.


Now the REX floats shit coin after shit coin after shit coin.  And still can't win.  Polo is the beast, won the ETH and BTC trade, likely to snatch the LTC volume.  Deal with it.  They will likely sucumb to USA Inc. regulations and they have a shady practice on delisting.  I see lawsuits.

Be smart stick with the USDT angle. 

And note, Polo goes fishing for new prospects on the Topia board, not the Rex board.

Need I remind the general public:


PIVX, they'll add that bitch for sure.

POSW, likely a Polo.

and others.


Remember the center weight.  It is rare and fair.


Next stop is clearly declaring a process, like weeks long, complete with repeals and terms, on delisting.

You will win general public support.

Polo has fucked up, with that, setting standard practices and procedure.

Rex CEO stated a vague standard.  Be direct and exact on your terms.


Now. I beg you to not do the following:

-delete the mineshaft

-delete the lotto

-delete the market ebay thing

-delete tips

-delete direct user transfers

Just let them be.  In time they will mature.

Yes those things could spin off.  To side projects, partners.  But they are part of the fabric.


Key feature is Arrrrrrbatage!!!


Focus on that.  Think bots.  Think open source. 

I'd pay DOTS ;)



The Doc.


Posted: 4/24/2017 1:45:38 PM Edited: 4/24/2017 1:50:27 PM