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Ultimate Cryptopia Helping Guide for New Users !!!!!

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Guide and help !

First !

If you use the Trollbox be sure you know the Trollbox Rules





Trollbox Rules :  


Trollbox规则 (Rules Chines) :  



 Reglas del Trollbox Español :  


Trollbox Rules  German :  


Trollbox Rules Russian (правила) : 


How the Trollbox (Chat) works and the Icons on it :



When you have Clicked the Tip Icon on Trollbox :



If you have Clicked on the Trollbox Emoticons Icon :



Trollbox flairs and icons near Username Explanations:


Green Shield - Moderator

Red Shield - Administrator

Red Medal- Site Developer

Blue shield with star - Coin review specialist - protecting the universe against bad crypto (Only MrFloppy have it)

Star - Shareholder (Different stars represent different issues)

Blue Gem - Last Share 

% - Owns more than 1% of shares

Kiwi - New Zealander

Ghost - Soul owner (souls are occasonally bought by Hex and sold on the marketplace)

Computer - Crowdfunding for computer

< > - Crowdfunding project

Cupcake - Reward for making delicious DOT themed cake for developers

Ribbon - Cash bribe by Fairlady to be the favourite cryptopian

 Cup - For the most Karma (Lord Vader have it )

Pizza  -  Has ordered for the owner pizzas


If you have Clicked on Ignore User or Tip in Chat you can remove the Users here from the List and you find some settings there too :




Coin Information / Here you see all Listed Coins Guide :




Depositing coins for beginners :



Deposit BTC: 1 Confirms needed , Altcoins: 20 Confirms needed

you can watch your Deposits here at Deposit History




How to Buy or Sell for Beginners :



 If you want to instant sell or buy follow this Steps :




Statistics  Window :




Cancel Open Orders :






Withdraw and Transfer for Beginners :




How to Setup a Miner for Scrypt , and an Worker on Mineshaft 2.0 Pool :





All about Mining Software and Settings you can find here :





Karma FAQ :



News/Information :





For List a Coin or buy a Share use Paytopia :




The Cryptopia referral system :




How to Deposit PascalCoin/PascalLite to your Cryptopia account :




 To get or change your Avatar :



 Two-factor authentication (2FA) settings :




If you forgot or lost your Password :




 Arbitrage :



Puplic API :


Private API :



Term Deposits :



KDCClicker Dot Game :




If you wante to write a Support Ticket :






Export your Trade , Withdraw , Deposit , Transfer , Mining History :







  Info :


When you have created a Support Ticket for anything and the problem is solved by yourself Please close your open support ticket by yourself



Hope this Guide Helps for Enjoy on Cryptopia !

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nice info sir wink

Posted: 4/22/2017 1:44:31 AM
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Didn't see a way to bookmark? So posting for later use, thanks for the info.

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Well done for a brilliant thread, really helpful dude cool

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Thank for the helpful information!

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Well detailed

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Great work from a great person ;)

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Very nice guide and very helpful

Cheers from Sweden


Posted: 5/21/2017 8:45:33 PM