Top 5 Tips to Build a Winning Forex Trading Plan

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If you are new to the foreign exchange market and want to make profits, it is crucial that you have a good forex trading plan. Flawed techniques and a lack of preparation may lead to unsuccessful trading. With the help of a trading plan, you will get to know what works best for you and what steps you should take to avoid repeating costly mistakes. So, in order to build a perfect master plan, the following tips can be considered for online trading on forex.


  1. Skill assessment

Do you think this is the right time to trade? Do you have a demo account for practising forex trading? Do you think that the practice will do? Have you researched well about the forex market and know how it works? Well, if your answer to all these questions is yes, only then should you start trading in a live account. Otherwise, there will be chances of losing money. Remember, this is an extremely volatile market where you can either make a profit of a large amount of money or lose a large amount of money.

  1. Mental preparation

In order to trade in the foreign exchange market, you need to be prepared not only psychologically but also emotionally. Mental peace is extremely important in forex trading.  If you think that your mind is in a state of unrest and you will not be able to concentrate in trading, then you should take the day off. Experienced traders know this well and so they make themselves ready for trading before the day begins.

  1. Set goals

Before stepping into the world of forex trading , you need to set both risk/reward ratios and realistic profit targets. You need to decide the minimum risk/reward that you will accept. Traders who are experienced tend not to take a trade if they see that the profit is less than three times greater than the risk.

  1. Set risk level

Setting a risk level is important. It is good to have a clear idea of how much of your portfolio you can risk on any one trade. On any given day, this can range between 1 to 5 percent. By this, it means that you will be out of the game if you somehow lose that amount of money at any time of the day. And this will depend on your risk tolerance as well as your trading style.

  1. Do your research

It is always recommended that you do your homework well before entering the market. This way, you can gain a lot of profit from your trading. You need to stay up to date about what’s going on around the world. You need to know if there is any news of events that is affecting the forex market. Index futures are there to help you to gauge the market mood before it opens. If you are one of those traders who do not want to take unnecessary risks, then it will be good if you decide to wait until the release of an important economic report.


Follow these tips and you will be able to make a successful trading plan.

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Are there any general differences between Forex and crypto trading? Concerning how you should analyse the charts, for instance. Forex doesn't have those sudden mega pumps, that's all I know. If someone is successful in crypto trading, he's not neccessarily successful in forex, right?

Posted: 6/19/2017 7:11:58 AM