UR coin missing deposits / UR mobile wallet / UR webwallet users Please Read!

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Missing UR deposits: - 

This is NOT a Cryptopia issue, the UR web wallet is currently experiencing some issues and the following has been posted on their Slack https://urmoney.slack.com:

### Known issues currently being checked ###

1. While sending a new payment from your wallet, it says that the payment sent out but stays in your wallet.
2. The UR Wallet app might be slow / not very responsive / white page
3. Random / rare internet connection error while trying to send a payment
4. Payment might take longer then usual to appear on your friend's wallet (when you sending money between your self)

If you have issues with using the UR mobile wallet app, web wallet or other UR services, then you should contact them via their Slack https://urmoney.slack.com or the UR support desk https://urtechnology.freshdesk.com/support/home 

Other links that may be of assistance to you :
UR block explorer - http://explorer.ur.technology
UR thread at bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1650063.0

How to exchange your UR for BTC - https://urtechnology.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/22000177312-how-to-exchange-ur-with-cryptopia

UR twitter https://twitter.com/URforall



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I've reposted an update from UR team found here - https://urtechnology.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/22000006446

Again any issues with deposits to Cryptopia please direct them to the UR team, NOT Cryptopia Support


Progress & Updates | 26.01.2017


Roman M.

started a topic 7 hours ago

As we have mentioned last week, we are working a lot on creating effective and important technological solutions which would allow us drastically reduce further fraudulent behavior on the UR network.  


These changes are very important for the long term future of the UR network and the way that you, our users can benefit from UR both in a short and a long term.


That's a lot of work for our development team and while many other projects would just save time and money... we are ready to give that time and resources to apply all these changes we have found as important for the UR network and our community.


We will be starting at the later phase outline in depth some of the changes we apply and keep you informed.


During this time,  your wallets might not be able to login, Send UR, activate new users, generate bonuses and other random limitations might occur. 

That's due to all changes and development we are doing on our end. New users registration / invitation is currently also disabled, until we announce that everything is back to a good state.


For now all we need from you as our valued members and UR community leaders, understanding, support and encouragement.


We will do our absolutely best to get everything done, up and running, as soon as possible.


Please make sure to follow us on Twitter for all future announcements as we will be updating there when things are getting back to normal state: https://twitter.com/URforall

Additionally, please join our official Slack Channel by going to https://ur.technology/technology and click on "Join Us On Slack" so you can get all our important community updates.

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What about URcoin?

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Official UR Technology thread on cryptopia forum is now available via the following URL:

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