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So it appeared as if the arg daemon went out of sync or zombied over Christmas. At least that's what my first thought would be as between me and 2 other friends didn't receive our deposits.

The chain at the time of my ticket 12 hours into this showed these deposits 220+ confirms. 

A chain being out of sync would be a rather simple thing though. Especially ARG.  It's not a massive chain. Maybe an administrator can give me a better answer than support and other users maybe noticing similar with different coins?

I've gotten two very slow messages in about 2 and a half days now in what should have been an easy fix. Had to show multiple txids before I would be believed. One of my friends has left the site supposedly for good. The other on the fence saying it's odd.

Does no one not notice deposits and withdrawals stop? or pools not functioning? No announcements about the daemon? No announcements at all? To me those would send up warning bells. Maybe an administrator can give some insight here. I'm not as crazy as my friend who saw this as unprofessional and left, but again it does send up warning bells.

Thanks all.

Posted: 12/27/2016 4:08:34 AM
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Sync issue happen and sometimes take a while to sort out, just because your home wallet with 1 address can sync in a few hours does not mean an enterprise wallet with 1000's of addresses that require audits will take the same amount of time.


If you think there is something sinister going on because this wallet needed maintenance/resyncing and Cryptopia staff took longer than your own personal deadline I suggest withdrawing all your coins,  if you ever feel insecure on ANY site you should leave immediately and secure your coins in your personal wallets.


There are plenty of sites where you can use your cryptos today and you should choose one where you feel safe :)


Thanks and have a fantastic christmas :)

Posted: 12/27/2016 7:47:35 AM
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Thanks maybe I will! :)


I've never seen an enterprise wallet, maybe you could show me because I'd be interested. I've had wallets hosting services and moving lots of funds continuously and have had to resync before. But ok let's lump that in with no acknowledgment of the issue itself for days. Nor attempting a resolution till shortly before i made the post. That's the same thing right? 

Really, wondering on your advice. Why not? My other friends have cut and run. If this enterprise classed business can't do some basic things maybe not going sooner was my mistake. 


Wishing you a great holiday season. :)

Posted: 12/27/2016 3:35:34 PM