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Thread: Altcoins

The blockchain appears to by hijacked by someone using a lot of mining power for 4 blocks and using a modified network client on IP to keep an eye on the network hashrate. They get 4 blocks in less than a minute driving the difficulty up and then leave it for the others to get the high difficulty blocks.  The result is an almost stalled blockchain that sometimes takes more than 24 hours to find a single block. It doesn't affect WW held on cryptopia because cryptopia uses its own superfast blockchain to transfer WW between users (Transfers between users on Cryptopia don't occur on the WW blockchain because the WW is held in the Cryptopia wallet and just transferred internally between users). But any external transfers can take days to resolve.

Thread: Altcoins

Happy Monday everyone, there will be an increase in the encashment limit from 500 PSB to 1000 PSB within the next 24 hours.To those who already have their funds in their Ewalletph account and would be planning to withdraw more often, it is better to use the Mastercard/Visa option as the withdrawal via Security Bank using your MC/VISA is free and you only have to pay for the fee in topping up your card which is very minimal. - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Founder PSB)

Thread: Altcoins

Please post your Crypto Services, Faucets, Recruiting and similar in the Services subforum. Thanks

Thread: Altcoins

Episode 64 available now! on twitter

Intro 0:00:00News 0:02:08Cryptonote Exploit Fix 0:02:16Aragon Network Token Sale 0:04:16Pizza Day 0:05:16Monero Mining Virus 0:06:37Markets 0:08:59DOT Giveaway 0:25:05New Coins 0:26:05BlakeStar 0:26:52NetChain 0:27:37Mithril 0:29:29TMNKK 0:30:12IOU1 0:31:45TotalCoin 0:33:37DogeCredits 0:34:29CommunistCoin 0:27:23DNN 0:38:26PrisonCoin 0:40:18Lysergion 0:41:11ICO's(Unlimited, Ping, MiningCoin, Corion, OnPlace, CrypViser, CryptoBank, Rex, OroCrypt, BetOpen, ScryptWaves) 0:42:44Rolling Review 0:45:45Coin Listings 0:55:43Cryptopia(Coin2, CreativeCoin, Insane, Coinonat, Extrabytes, DibCoin, TorCoin) 0:55:54Bittrex(Aragon Network Token) 0:56:08YoBit(BitOK, AlienCoin, Coinmatic, MilkCoin, BattleStartsCoin, TappingCoin, PoinsonIvyCoin, PupaCoin, PartyCoin) 0:56:14C-Cex(Keple ShareS) 0:56:29NovaExchange(Via, ScryptDash, Coimatic, VGina2, Dooble, ChainCoin) 0:56:38Livecoin(Unity Ingot), DigitalMoneyBits, InsaneCoin) 0:56:55Outro 0:59:00

Tune in! We are happy to receive suggestions of topics to cover. Drop us a line

Thread: Altcoins


Thread: Altcoins

Next News will come. OLD NEWS:     NEW.   1. offizieller  XRE pool   2.     new   3. the white paper next days :) yes cool      

Thread: Altcoins

The Pesobit online wallet has been busy lately with Pesobit -> Philippine Peso conversions going to their chosen ewallet () account. Just a reminder, it can only be processed on banking days only (including Canadian users). To those merchants that I dealt with before in putting up their services in the Marketplace, thanks for continued trust in the Pesobit community. Merchants will receive the payments to their items in Cash to their ewallet accounts so no need to worry about the price volatility of Pesobit. Lots of VMoney users are already being completely verified so I guess we'll be having more users as time goes by. Just a tip in withdrawing your ewallet funds to your bank accounts, use the manual withdraw as it is cheaper. Have a great weekend everyone. - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Founder PSB)

Thread: Altcoins

[quote of ZEITCOIN from announcements forum] opened , link on the OP Go here to request an auto Invite:    Free Email Sites for anyone wanting to keep their normal email address private. an Email Alias Service , if you want the notifications of slack forum updates sent to your normal email, but hidden from slack. [End Quote]        

Thread: Altcoins

Condensate [RAIN]

Rain on the Chain!

Condensation is initiated by the formation of clusters within its volume. RAIN is distributed across the Condensation network anonymously and securely, with the ability to send encrypted messages.  Is is going to rain today? A randomized mining reward gives anyone the chance to be caught under a rain cloud!

Goals: For science!  More details coming soon, but to give some hints: networks, tokens, rewards, access granting, mobile devices, tornadoes.

Specifications:Ticker: RAINAlgorithm: X11Total Supply: 500,000,000PoW until block 200,000Miner Reward: RandomMin. Stake age: 4 hrsRPC Port: 23372P2P Port: 23373

rain.conf: (save in %AppData%\Roaming\rain)rpcuser=rpcuserrpcpassword=rpcpasswordrpcallowip=*rpcconnect=*addnode=


Solo Mining available:

Edit your .bat file and enter your rpcuser and rpcpassword in their respective fields and run! -t (thread) can be added to set how many cores you'd like to run (for example, -t 2 will set two cores to run)

CPU Miner: thread:

campaign thread:




5/2/2017: Added checkpoints5/6/2017: GUI updates


Windows Wallet:

Linux Qt:

Mac Wallet:



Pool List:

<--- Donating .5% mined to Developer fund!

Thread: Altcoins

I love your show guys. I've been listening since episode 40 or so. Ideal stuff while running . My favority podcast by far at the moment. I was wondering if you heard about RIDDLE (the wave token)? ɌIDDLE... It's a mystery, but a lot of fun. I have been following it for a few weeks and participated in the first free airdrop. Actually, I just bought my first RXD on the waves exchange yesterday. ɌIDDLE keeps it far. They just announced a second airdrop, which is a reversed airdrop giving people with less Riddle a chance to catch up. It will be a good option for many to get into Riddle (and enjoy the waves platform). The dev is quite involved it appears: Curious to hear in the show your opinion about it.

Thread: Altcoins

  Junior 50post = rewarded 50XLM Senior 250post = rewarded 250XLM Veteran 500post = rewarded 500XLM Warrior 1000post = rewarded 1000XLM Legend 1500post = rewarded 1500XLM Titan 2000post = rewarded 2000XLM   Note: You can exhange XLM to BTC on poloniex. 1 xlm = 0.00002250 btc as of now.   just join in this forum--> To store your XLM rewards I recommend you to download Centaurus wallet on Google play store

Thread: Altcoins



       DIB Funding, Inc.      


 Sunshine Capital, Inc. (SCNP)  





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We are working diligently on arranging integrations with exchanges, wallets, merchants, retail stores, E-commerce sites and many more. We’re already integrated with , , and more to come. Please reach out.


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Thread: Altcoins

original thread: Good luck getting the private key for 1111 OKCash. When imported please send to a new address to protect it from theft.