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  How long it takes before it is credited to your account depends on the coin.  eg BTC will require 1 confirmation to provided by the the bitcoin blockchain, LTC requires 6 confirmations, DOT requires 20 confirmations. You can check how many confirmations from the network Cryptopia requires of a coin by viewing the settings tab on coininfo eg:   If the coin is not in your account and you can see it has already reached the minimun of confirmations required on its blockchain, then you can open a suppport with the TxID or preferably a link to the deposit transaction on one of its blockchain explorers. Network confirmation times can vary and depends on how active and healthy the level of mining/staking (creation of new blocks/coins) of the coin is.   

hi deposited my first deposit, all confirmed on the network but still showing unconfirmed here. jow long does it take to confirm, never had this issue with poloniex i usually use  but fancied a change.

There are 3 different way you are able to view and cancel your open orders on Cryptopia. After you have cancel the untrded coins that were "held" will be returned to your available balance and available for your use.

I have the same probl;em on android.

There could be a number of reasons as to why you are unable to withdraw, below are some of the common causes and how it can be resolved:   This can be because you have "" checked in your security settings ()   Uncheck "" and you will now be able to enter any address instead of using your saved address book entries.      

Very nice guide and very helpful Cheers from Sweden Dmax

I cannot paste the address for any cryptocurrency that I would like to withdraw. Please help

hello,   How to create a withdraw address, i am confused. i thought it was the bitcoin address.     regards,   camilo

Yes, Please add this feature.  Since favorites are already available for wallets, adding a "Favorites" tab under Markets should be easy to implement. Thanks.

Hi do you think you can change or modify the balance menu ??  Because I want to see the value of each crypto money I don't see it with the change now can you fix it please cryotopia 

The balances pagre looks ok on my laptop, but it is missing the Total, open Orders and Est BTC coumns on my Android phone using Chrome since the maintenance today. Can you brnig those columns back on android devices ?

Is there a page like the old balances page? The new page doesn't have enough columns. The closest page i can find is the balanes tab on the Exchange page. Mybe theres a link on the menu but it isnt displating on my phone .


Regards can i earn a rewards? Is there a task i can do? TIA 

 I'm a noob myself, but this platform doesnt handle cash/bank denominations.  you need to use another platform that does deal with cash, buy crypto from them, then transfer that crypto here.  coinbase is one.  you can buy only bitcoin or litecoin on coinbase.  (ehterum isnt traded on this platform even tho itz offere n coinbase). in coinbase you can buy instantly using credi/debit instantly but only $150per week.  or $2500/wk via bank transfer but it will take a week for bank setup validation. good luck. jlcbba