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I have a withdrawal of monero stuck pending. How long does this process usually take and what can be done to remedy it?

Missing UR deposits: -  This is NOT a Cryptopia issue, the UR web wallet is currently experiencing some issues and the following has been posted on their  : ### Known issues currently being checked ### 1. While sending a new payment from your wallet, it says that the payment sent out but stays in your wallet. 2. The UR Wallet app might be slow / not very responsive / white page 3. Random / rare internet connection error while trying to send a payment 4. Payment might take longer then usual to appear on your friend's wallet (when you sending money between your self) If you have issues with using the UR mobile wallet app, web wallet or other UR services, then you should contact them via their   or the   Other links that may be of assistance to you :UR block explorer- UR thread at bitcointalk -  UR twitter     

, thank you for explaining on this topic how the rewards on the platform work, I do not understand very well how it works, I'll do my best to have the chance to know a lot about the platform very soon. And the coins traded on it  l,muito obrigado por explicar nesse tópico como funciona as recompensas na plataforma,eu não entendo muito bem como funciona mais farei o maximo para ter a chance de muito em breve saber muito sobre a plataforma e as moedas nela comercialisada 

Planning on adding 2FA to this site?

Your bad for my health and my KDC balance Hex

Added gambling

Added the leaderboard achievements to the leaderboard page.

Added balances to the deposit page.

Tidied up the Achievements page to look tidier.

Back up and running, tons of bug fixes and new features:   Added miner count and hash rate Now enter the amount of DOT you want to sell instead of KDC you want to buy Now eventer the amount of KDC you want to sell instead of DOT you want to buy Clicking your balance now auto populates the textbox Amount of KDC or DOT you are buying is now calculated and autopopulated Hashrates and prices tweaked More miners added Must own 50 of the previous miner before the next miner is unlocked. Achievements can now be unlocked, leveled up and displayed.

eu espero ganhar algum durante a semana,quero ganhar para investir

 Thanks, but i never have got any rewards

Hi :)   Very nice concept, as usual from you. I've tried it today and there seems no problems of working :     Just some ideas : I think it's too easy to get incomes, for example if I invest 1M DOT in this "game" I'll probably get a lot of incomes in a few... maybe hard to handle in an everyday basis... ? but yes to get 3 KDC I need to put 3K DOT so maybe it's a good way of work... I don't know if in long term it'll be good for you ?   I hope this "faucet" will go live, and maybe more close to "real" mining (like power costs, real miners names (real hashrates), maybe a "fake" virtual blockchain with random luck etc...).   Nice idea, and keep going this good work :)

Loving the concept, trying it out now. When will it be done to launch you reckon?

Do you reset it agian bro ? 

Mining payouts are now every minutes instead of every hour

Everyone will need to re-register.   Miner prices and hashrates have been updated.

Thats a lot of news actually you have to do :) My best news feed in the cryptopia chat :D

Leaderboard added