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I changed but could not, and it kept saying "Insufficient funds for transfer".  I sincerely thank.

From:  Not sure what to do here. It has been doing this for a while. Thank you

Hi I am here in Australia. Which wallet do you guys reckon? Thanking you in advance.


It's the next big thing. Richard Ellis is a rock solid entreprenuer and this thing will be the next bitcoin.

Hey Team. We have been receiving a lot of questions regarding this coin being listed on 1 November.  Please note at this stage, I am unaware of any listing application from the Electroneum team.  This is not to say they haven't made enquiries, however their application is not currently on our list.  We very rarely can give an exact date for when a coin is to be listed and live, and when we do this requires a minimum of four weeks notice in advance, so if they do make an application it is extremely unlikely it will be online by 1 November. 

  If you are having an issue with a missing deposit you need to log a support team.  These threads are for general discussion and are not generally monitored by support.  You can log a ticket on this link

Hello please help me i send 235.000.00 b3 coins but i never received it. this adres is mine on cryptopia : you can see it is received there   and here you can see i received it on cryptopia but i never received the coins there. and here you can see the cryptopia wallet send it to this: and in there wallet you can see it is gone?> Please fix this.

 Good to know that. I send the most of my btc from here to my wallet now. And hold a little here to buy something if i want.

 Thank you. I think we have to transfer btc to wallet now

so after my BTC stored in cryptopia wallet I will be not credited in BTG. Is my understunding good? For crediting I need to send it to cold wallet?

will BTG be credited automatically the same amount with BTC?

Me to for 3 days Confirmations stuck before reached 5000.. It says confirmd but no coins in DOTold wallet.  

i didnt get any rewards yet .. anyone show me how to win

 Well it was real nice of them to handle the BCH, and if this is not profitable for them then we cant expect them to take care of it again. Handling wallets is part of trading coins. I suggest anyone who doesnt have a wallet, get one and get started loading the block chain!

Dear Team,   My withdrawl - #976226 has been stuck in processing for over 3 days as of today 21/10/2017. One of your Admins fairlady responded the following:  

It seems this withdrawal has failed to send on the first automated attempt.

I have informed the Admin and this ticket will be updated when this withdrawal has been reprocessed.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Message recieved on 10/19/2017 7:15:04 PM   So, as it seems - nothing has been done over the last two days. Any chance this can get processed asap?