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What data is missing from the current export feature that you need for taxes?

Yes. You can see your open orders near the bottom of the exchange page and there will be a red X that you can click to cancel them. Alternatively, you can cancel them here:

I placed an order to sell my UR but it seems the price I chose was too high, hence my order has been pending for more than two days. Can I cancel that order and re-choose a new price?

Didn't see a way to bookmark? So posting for later use, thanks for the info.

Thank you for enlightening me. Im a new user of cryptopia & i enjoy using this.

Its explained completely on your account page : 

They don't provide a FAQ for referral so anyone of you know the details about it? If so please messsge me or comment

i havent seen any cryptopia adds yet.

Appealing that TBC exchange be added as just other coins









































































































Hi  I am new here. What I can see, are nice features and cryptopia is a unique site. But it has an awful mobile interface so that I cannot use one of those nice features. Wanted to trade my deposited doges. But even with fast network i cant type in the amounts proper because of slow reaction. Maybe you can make an extra mobile site for trading and inform me. Would be very happy if I could use your site.

Shadowcash (SDC) is being delisted due to a coinswap to a new coin.  Please close all your open orders and WITHDRAW your SDC ASAP.More info here:    TradeCoin (TRADE) is being delisted as they are relaunching with a new coin and coinswap.Please close all your open orders and withdraw your TRADE ASAP - More Info:    Hyper (HYPER) is being delisted as they are performing a coinswap.Please close all open orders and withdraw you HYPER before 22/05/17,More info:   Aeon (AEON) is being delisted as because of the rollback of teh AEON blockchain we are no longer able to support its blockchain due to Cryptopia internal audit system, Please close all open orders and withdraw ASAP   NicNacCoins (NNC) is being delisted as its wallet is too unstable and crashes multiple time a day, we are unable to support this coin anymore, please close all open orders and withdraw ASAP   CaptCoin (CAPT) - Due to reports of multiple forks and a low node count Cryptopia has decided to close all CAPT markets and delist the coin, Please close all open orders and withdraw ASAP   Coin66 (66) - Due to multiple forks, missing deposits, unconfirmed transactions and no nodes we have been forced to close and delist 66coin from Cryptopia, Please close all open orders and withdraw ASAP   Also being delisted for having dead networks/broken blockchains: Extremecoin (EXC), Globalcoin (GLC), HamRadioCoin (HAM),  

CreditBit (CRBIT) is being delisted as they performing a coinswap migration to a new chain. Please close all your open orders and WITHDRAW your CRBIT ASAP. Creditbit developers instructions on the coinswap can be found here:

We try not to delist coins, however there are times when there is little option.   Common delist scenarios We delist based on trade volume.