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Is there any news if Nxt blockchain asset could be listed? I would like to Pay listing fee for it but need to be sure this blockchain is supported or will be supported.    Thanks

I want to deposit LTC here but seems to be too many problems with deposits not showing up and the support here SUCKS. Again I say the support here SUCKS. All they do is point you to the forums which don't answer your questions. Would like to do business here but I can't.

Hi,    Can you guys please share some additional information to the issues leading to Pascal Coin (PASC) being delisted?   Regards!

Same situation...But waiting for 2wks now. What is going on Cryptopia?

hi, what does the green checkmark inside the circle mean in the list of sell orders.  does it mean the transaction was completed?    

as everything hi, the google authenticator codes dont work at the main accaunt too, I ask to turn off support to me this function. I am ready to provide all the last transactions and balances in resentdays of entrance on the exchange and other informations which to be necessary. I send a ticket to supoort, I wait 5 days of the answer (((

 Same I want to know too! If theres something wrong with your coin lets us know so we can stop mining

What happened to the coin in the exchanger Cryptopia. It's closed, no transactions can be made. Help me. Give an answer

 Just activated mine and it doesnt work too 

Hi, my Google Authenticator Codes are not working anymore, even after several refresh of the codes and a reboot of the device. Anyone else with the problem?   Thanks

Hmmm. I don't know if I can post here. Feel free to move this post if needed (but not to the garbage lol). Anyway my question is a legit question I guess.. Lately you have delisted a few coins "due to extended periods of time with less than 5 connections". So I decided to check which coins had less than 5 connections in your "CoinInfo" page. Just to see if maybe I should sell them you know.. before they get delisted. And... there are a LOT of coins with less than 5 connections. Including big ones such as Monero (XMR). So my question is : how can we know if you are going to delist a coin "due to extended periods of time with less than 5 connections" ? Since it seems to be quite subjective and arbitrary . Thanks.

explicação perfeita!

Hi, Would like to get Adelphoi (ADL) listed on your Exchange. In the past Nxt blockchain assets were declined. Before buying 400.000 DOT I would like to be sure that Nxt blockchain assets like Adelphoi can be added. I know there is still a check if all is legitmate secure etcetera.   Website: Coinmarketcap: Block explorer:  Exchange integration:  Latest Nxt release:    Hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Rob Adel Community member    

:(   I said signatum UP and out ban. 

When the daily limit is renewed. After 24 hours? Or at 00.00?

Does anyone have an ETA for the resolution to the "investigating network transaction issues" on the DAXX network? Currently unable to send or view the wallet address for DAXXCOIN on this site. Mining to my wallet is still functional though.

  Price is subject to change without notice.  It was 2M a the time this thread was made, then 200,000, now its 400,000 DOT, it could change again in the future.   Yes you can list WAVES and ERC20 tokens. For tokens : Algo = None, Network = Asset  

Hi,   You said listing price is 200 000 DOT, but is showed 400 000 here :    Also, can I list ERC-20 tokens ans Waves tokens?   What kind of Algorithm  should I choose? What type  of Network should I choose?