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200 confirmations seems excessive. Can it be lowered?  

Eu tomei um bloque  por nada ... ja que nao quebrei as regras  

If you have an issue with a moderator you should raise a support ticket.

Insulting me at banning: Besides that Is it OK for Cryptopia having such unprofessional, incompetent moderator working at it? Is it OK for Cryptopia to have a different set of rules for moderators, than for regular users? I hope not.

Honest question.  Do the same rules apply for Moderators?

Is the competition still on?

Withdraw fees depend on the network.  For some coins like BTC it may be necessary inlcude a higher then default minimum fee to ensure the transaction is confirmed by the network within a reasonable amount of time, as using minimum fee when the bitcoin network is overloaded would result in the transaction being stuck or delayed by taking a very long time before the network confirms it.   The withdrawal fee from Cryptopia is fixed and the amount withdrawn has no effect, it is per withdrawal. If you withdrew 5 BTC or 0.005 BTC it will be the same fee.   Fees tend to be increased by services if it is necessary to ensure the network processes the withdrawal in a reasonable period of time, and this fee is use to pay the coins network/miners, its does not go to Cryptopia.  

    it states clearly the fee is 20 XEM.  

I withdrew the full amount of NEM, around 20.9 - it stated clearly the fee would be .9 NEM. I just found out you only sent me .9 and charged me 20 NEM for fees.

How are withdrawal fees calculated? Is the fee fixed for a given coin? Or variable based on how much I want to withdraw? Also, are fees for a coin ever changed? If so, what's the process for determining the updated fee? Thanks!

Hi everybody , Greetings !!! Actually, I am really new in here and would like to know alot about cryptopia ways so please feel free to help me to share the tips .                                              Thank you ,                                                         mrray

and traslate more info    

Y'all still needing video content?

No, the fees are only taken as the order is fulfilled, be it partial fill or complete it is taken when the trade occurs. If you cancel an order, you will receive back the full untraded part in your account. :)

Are you still charged the fee when you cancel a buy or sell order?

There are a growing amount of coins that are experiencing 51% attacks to the network, which is then causing users on Cryptopia to lose their coins. We temporarily raised all our coins that previously had 20 confirmations to 200 while we investigated the stabtlity of each network one by one. We understand this may have seemed like an extreme reaction, however we believe our Users would prefer that deposits take a while longer if it means protecting their coins.  We have been working as quickly as possible to review each network and set an approriate confirmation limit. You will see that HUSH has now been investigated and confirmations are back to 20. Da RollCryptopia Support Team