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Like I said, there's no way for my to know what shipping is without me taking what you want to buy down to the post shop to get it weighed and priced for your address.   Everything has arrived so far except the pens.   Current stock: Two Tshirts Size XL Two Tshirts Size L 2 Cryptopia Mugs 3 DOT Mugs 8 Cryptopia USB drives 18 DOT Stickers 18 Cryptopia Bumper Stickers.

I did turn off my adblocker since the competition, but didnt find anything...

Not turning off my adblocker for this ;8P

Noone's spotted one yet?  

DOT cost covers shipping?if not how much extra to ship to Pennsylvania?

Conf file for NVIDIA for ccminer => open notepad, paste it and save it as ccminer.conf in ccminer dir   { "_comment1" : "Possible keys are the long options (ccminer --help)", "_comment2" : "todo: support /* comments */", "algo" : "scrypt", "api-bind": "", "statsavg": 5, "quiet" : true, "debug" : false, "protocol" : false, "cpu-priority" : 4, "show-diff" : true, "no-gbt" : true, "url" : "stratum+tcp://", "user" : "ID.MinerName", "pass" : "YourPASS"}

Hi I m new,  I had red this artical which may be helpful  

How do you generate a new deposit address? For obvious reasons I dont want people to know when I send over a bunch of BTC to buy alts. Thanks!

Ane ngirim xrb kenapa belom masuk2 hashnya 7BD897C95D736089570A5F87E05364FEA3C971D9520A2DA36083E667D3DC30A1 makasih  

Wooot nice nice looks all great yeah! 

Finally put together some of the Cryptopia merchandise people have been asking for. I've ordered a few of each item which should arrive in a couple of weeks so I can start sending the first lot out, and delivery time for each subsequent order is about 2 weeks so it'll be easiest if I know exactly how much I need to order of each thing so I can order it all at once. Shirt measurements in inches. Shoulder seam at collar to bottom hem Underarm to underarm   PM me what you want and your delivery address and once I figure out the shipping costs I will tell you how much DOT to transfer me.

 24/7 with a weekly scheduled maintenance that usually lasts less than 30mins

Nicely done How-to but I think your Buy-Sell interface is rather intuitive as is and doesn't really need much explaining. ;)Question: Does the exchange have market hours or is it 24/7? Thanks. :)

I just visited this exchange since raiblocks coin was listed here.But i dont know why it was delisted.Its a little bit sad.But,i would like to say i had a wonderful experience in your exchange.Surely, i will trade in your exchange.Wishing your team a Great Success. Regards

Hello, I'm also new here and would like to know how long it usually takes for a (BTC) deposit to be confirmed? Any experiences on that? Thanks. :)