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Thread: Information

 0x4406982669bbfb9ded4cb5949c8866d71ef39b4e16da316b4d550d295df888fe   fail transaction because it was cryptopia wallet empty and iam waiting  11day + so no answer ticket iam going to wait 39 day for ticket?!!?!

Прошла транза ЕТС. Решают проблему

Thread: Litecoin

 +1. The same question 

Thread: Information

Fucking. I have been stuck with the withdrawal of funds for 4 days, if not 5. I need these systems urgently, I'm glad that you are working on solving problems, but the fact that you can not manually speed up the translation hurts! I am ready to PAY a small percentage of my funds for a quick transfer. I need data so urgently. 3153574 POLL 2039.72474477 1.50000000 Processing 0x088d2d720a909c1a8e6ceaf14a2b43710d1fbbff15/02/2018 11:42:00 AM

Thread: Information

all my withdrawals did go through eventually... -some took longer, some shorter. all within 24ish hours (26 hours for the longest).

Thread: Trading

There are 6495918632.53854561 BatCoins up for sale at 1 satoshi, worth a total of around 64 bitcoin.  If no one is interested in buying BatCoin from the actual market here, I highly doubt you will be finding someone here who wants them. Sorry mate, looks like that was a bad investment :(

Thread: Information

Hello  DIVX withdrawal is stuch in Pending with no transaction ID generated for more than 6 hours. Could you have a look at it. Thanks.

Thread: Trading

This is in the wrong forum.  This forum is supposed to be about trading, not mining.

Thread: Trading

Forums are not a place to get support.  You should file a support ticket, but sorry, the support tickets are really high and it will take a long time to process your problem.  If you're trying to cancel an open order, that's easy, just go to the XMR/BTC market tab and cancel the open order.

Thread: Trading

I think the last answer might not be what you're looking for.  You cannot purchase any coins here with a credit card, debit card, or check.  You have to already have coins to transfer here before trading. Go on something like coinbase, buy bitcoin, transfer it here and then you can trade.  This is an crypto-only exchange.  

Thread: Trading

You all need to read all the news here.For those of you who deposited to Cryptopia and haven't seen something come in, make sure you aren't on a scam clone site or using apps of any kind. For those of you with a withdrawal delay, check your fucking email to confirm the withdrawal, because it will not initiate if you don't confirm. I've never had a problem here, trust me, if you are having a problem its either your fault (did something wrong, didn't do something right, didn't read the news, etc) or its just a delay that they will fix.  The userbase has grown exponentially for a reason, because Cryptopia is fucking awesome.  Whenever things are delayed its because there are too many people here- they are trying to hire more help to handle the insane load. Stop being little assholes, learn patience, and be respectful.  No one will want to help idiots and jerks.  And, no I don't work for them, but I have been using the site for almost year with absolutely no issues, other than issues they warned about or that were actually my fault.   Take care and DO YOUR READING regards - TriphiusFire

Thread: Information

Why I withdraw my Revain coins but it take so long to pending?

Thread: Marketplace

I deposited some LTC three days ago: 0.33845843 LTC was sent to my account on Cryptopia. But about 40% of it (0.24358157 LTC) was sent to an address that I do not know.  Any one has an idea what that is about?    

Stehen die vor der Pleite, oder was ist da los?Ich warte jetzt seit 9 Stunden auf den Withdraw (Status "processing") von PIVX - und zwar gar nicht wenige! Hab schon zwei mal so einen Mist erlebt, mit nxt-Coin (Diebstahl auf deren damaliger Haupt-Börse) und dann nochmal auf Cryptorush 2014. Das reicht eigentlich finde ich ... . Hoffen wir also mal, dass es nur amateurhafte Unfähigkeit ist, - und nicht bereits das Ende dieser Börse. Gruß in die Runde

Thread: Information

Same here! Posted support request for resetting 2FA 2 weeks ago - no responce from support! Support ticket 179505 - please reset 2FA!!!   

Thread: Off-topic

Never EVER join a paid pump group. This one is free and has accredited investors that spend thousands of their own dollars to pump the coins. Huge profits in the way (2000-4000%).Join Now!

Thread: Marketplace

I have the same issue, after 10 days there is no ETN in my Cryptopia wallet and it's absolutely scam!

Thread: Services

If you would like to learn more and take part in a pump and dump, join Crypto Calls Supreme at

Thread: Information

I also have the same problem with marliez, it is not even showing up on deposit page. Can we get an estimated time about this problem?