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Thread: Altcoins

original thread: Post a Flyer in a public space, Earn Some OK.15 OK per flyer posted up to 10 Flyers, You can post more flyers but will only be compensated for 10.START by Downloading one or more of the flyer images and print them out.In order to get your OK bounty you will need to post up to 10 photos of your flyers in a single post with your discord username for payment in discord. Flyers must be in public areas such as coffee houses, Internet cafe's or other public places where you think they will be seen by the most people. Any discord account younger than 2 weeks in age are ineligible for this bounty offer. Not valid in draconian states where posting flyers is illegal. Proceed at own risk.Proof of your work must be submitted by Aug 1 2017 to be valid. Promotion ends at that time.

Thread: Services

Guys! Share chats and channels! Come to my chat room! :)

Thread: Services

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Thread: API

  aaah wait .. I thought currency was required and not optional .. I didn't realised that. That's why I first got all the currencies and then did a getbalance .. sorry my bad  

Thread: API

I'm not sure why you would have to use more than one API call?I make one API call to /GetBalance/ params: Currency = "" and it returns me a full list of wallets with all variables inside.  I then iterate that list object and snatch each item. Whilst I'm at it, I check the total and make a note. total = balance["Total"]if total > 0:    inonzero = inonzero + 1In my case I currently only count the non zero wallets and report it to the user, but inside that if statement, you could easily make a list of the currencies to recall from objects stored in memory from that first single API call.I trade plenty of coins that on any given day I might end on a zero total, I wouldn't want to miss these.  The alternative would be extra parameters but I'm confident the API returns what you are asking in just one API call.The only current situation I find that behaves the way you describe is the GetDepositAddress which even though I've generated the address on the website GetBalance doesn't return it and I need to make the second API call to get the wallet address for each coin.

Thread: Off-topic

i bet you enjoyed having sex with your dog, liar

Thread: Off-topic

Lottery The Website Trading with Forums

I would also like to know please?

bumped, even if its not gonna be hard fork, there still will be 2 currencies available, btc and bcc, so if we keep btc in crypto wallet, will we receive equal amount of bcc or shall we move it to offline wallets?

Thread: DotCoin(DOT)

 thats what i mean,  wd stil pending,  several days ago is instant

Le codage de la hardfork prévue pour implémenter les BPN est presque complet (75%) et on commencera bientôt les tests internes. Les étapes suivantes après l'achèvement seront les suivantes:• chargement automatique du bootstrap / outil de débogage interne• Support pour les codes QR• Réorganisation de l'interface utilisateur graphique et ajout des statistiques de portefeuille détaillées L'équipe de développement CBX 

Thread: Altcoins

Coding for the hardfork to implement BPNs is almost complete (75%) and will soon begin internal testing. Next steps after completion will be as follows:• Auto bootstrap load / trouble shooting tool integration into Vault build• QR support• GUI redesign and addition of in wallet metrics The Crypto Bullion Team

La codificación de la hardfork para implementar BPNs está casi completa (75%) y pronto comenzará la prueba interna. Los siguientes pasos después de la finalización serán los siguientes:• Integración automática de la herramienta de carga / solución de problemas de bootstrap en la compilación de Vault• Apoyo QR• Rediseño de GUI y adición de métricas de cartera El equipo Crypto Bullion

Thread: Altcoins

 Hello this is due to an issue with Electrum, this will be addressed with 10.5 update.

Thread: DotCoin(DOT)

 Today I has withdrawal DOT in KDCCLICKER still PENDING status