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Thread: Altcoins

Hello everyone, will catch up with ONION BTC ??? Who thinks so? If he catches up, then in how many years?)

my deposit  uncorfimed   4 chn     im waiting 3 days zero conrfimation

Thread: Altcoins

Suppoman reviews - Final rating 4/5 stars - Am I investing: Yes___

Thread: Altcoins

Does anybody know anything about this coin? Where are the website, where is anything?

Thread: Altcoins

  Indeed, the Devs are doing a great job that must ask them a lot of time between the development of the project, clean the official forum, find new ways to make known the DeepOnion project. it's thanks to this investment from the Devs that the DeepOnion project will quickly become the anonymous reference coin.

I want to withdraw my BTC but i can't insert an BTC adress?   Does anyone know why?    

Thread: Altcoins

Additionally, the airdrop will last for as long as 40 weeks.And also there is a wonderful bounty program. I recently learned about the project, but just delighted with DeepOnion. No one cryptocurrency does not give such anonymity as this.

Thread: Altcoins

Have you heard of DeepOnion? Just an incredible project.This is an anonymous cryptographic currency. The best of all. In addition, very favorable conditions are airdrop. I can give you a link for a detailed review:

greta post and really helpful

Thread: Altcoins

3 days and no deposit and no reply, is this a real exchange or school kits in a bedroom? 

Ce minati?

 Once you have confirmed the withdrawal by clicking the link sent to your email address, it will be processed and broadcast to the Bitcoin network, once the network has included it in a block, you will have the BTC in the address you sent to.  You can lookup your withdrawal by copying the TxID in your withdrawal history and pasting it into a bitcoin blockexplorer, for proof it has been sent and to see how many confirmations it has. (eg: )  

Thread: Altcoins

Hello. just read the new rules, and as I understand it now to participate in all Airdrop enough to have on your wallet more than 100 onion! Correct me if I am wrong.

Thread: Altcoins

I would also like to add a few words about the team. They are all professionals and know their business. A lot of time will be done by the project and they try their best. For which i are very thankful. I will advise all my acquaintances to take part in the project.

Thread: Altcoins

I just recently joined the project and I really like the idea of this one. Actively participate in the forum and start thinking about investing. I wish everyone to try and feel that this is a worthy project and stay in it for a long time. Wish you all good luck and make a lot of money. 

Thread: Altcoins

Cedex – Certified Diamond Exchange Cryptocurrency Blockchain?___ Cedex claims to be the world’s first blockchain-based diamond exchange. Find out how it works today in our review.___What Is Cedex? Cedex, found online at, is a certified blockchain-based diamond exchange that promises to transform diamonds into a new asset class.___Read more:

Thread: Altcoins

I like how the DeepOnion team is working very hard to make the DeepOnion the best Cryptocurrency ever!

Thread: Altcoins

DeepOnion gives the community with greater magnitudes and the market capital of each token is more about $1+ each with this we can travel to the moon with DeepOnion

How long dose it take in withdraw  BTC to my address. I have withdrawed my BTC,but how long it take ?