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Thread: Altcoins

 For sure tearodactyl we dont sweat it at all about the quiz thing it is just a fun little part.  I am like you that I rarely catch any content live, I prefer to check stuff out at my own leisure. That said, new BCD episode  tonight and archives soon after.  Thansk for the commet tearodactyl

Thread: Altcoins

Hey heads! Come join us on discord, we got a staking/tipping bot!!  

Thread: Altcoins

I just found the addresses need to be REGISTERED on the KMD network Just tried to register, then I validated it... Cryptopia still says its INVALID.    

Thread: Altcoins

I cannot withdraw my KMD to my wallet OR a wallet on Bittrex.   Is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to?   Anybody else having problems withdrawing?   Curious,    

Thread: Bitcoin(BTC)

the Bitcoin scam test Excellent quick test for newbies with scam test tools/searches links on page to check further about a site.  

Thread: Bitcoin(BTC)

Bitcoin Whos Who - Bitcoin Address Checker   Ransomware Tracker  

Le domaine d'investissement tiers a été activé dans le portefeuille en ligne à l'adresse C'est la section où les gestionnaires de fonds peuvent offrir leurs programmes d'investissement. Pour être sûr que ce sont des investissements légitimes et pas ces escroqueries, ils sont tenus d'avoir au moins 400K PSB Staking dans le Wallet en ligne qui agira comme leurs fonds verrouillés, donc nous sommes sûrs qu'ils resteront fidèles à leur programme d'investissement . Aussi ils ont à payer 0.01 BTC par semaine pour moi comme frais pour l'utilisation de la plate-forme. Intéressé à devenir un gestionnaire de fonds, envoyez-moi un courriel à .Pour le premier gestionnaire de fonds à offrir leurs services, il a 5% d'intérêt par mois où les intérêts seront payés dans Pesobit en utilisant le prix Pesobit à la fin de votre période d'investissement. Cela augmentera les ordres d'achat dans les échanges puisque le gestionnaire de fonds doit utiliser le bénéfice et acheter Pesobits pour distribution aux investisseurs.Il pourrait y avoir un délai d'un jour avant que vos placements ne soient «payés» puisque je dois soumettre vos données au gestionnaire de fonds avant d'attendre sa réponse.Passe un bon weekend :) - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Fondateur PSB)

El área de inversión de terceros se ha habilitado en la Cartera en línea: Esta es la sección donde los gestores de fondos pueden ofrecer sus programas de inversión. Para asegurarse de que se trata de inversiones legítimas y no de estafas, se requiere que tengan por lo menos 400.000 PSB Staking en la cartera en línea que actuarán como sus fondos bloqueados por lo que estamos seguros de que se mantendrá fiel a su programa de inversión . También tienen que pagar 0.01 BTC por semana a mí como honorario para usar la plataforma. Interesado en convertirse en un gestor de fondos, envíeme un correo electrónico a .Para que el primer Gestor de Fondos ofrezca sus servicios, tiene un interés del 5% al ​​mes donde los intereses se pagarán en Pesobit usando el precio de Pesobit al final de su período de inversión. Esto aumentará las órdenes de compra en los intercambios, ya que el gestor del fondo tiene que utilizar los beneficios y comprar Pesobits para su distribución a los inversores.Podría haber un retraso de un día antes de que sus inversiones se conviertan en "pagadas", ya que tengo que enviar sus datos al Gestor del Fondo primero y luego esperar su respuesta. Disfruta tu fin de semana :) - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Fundador PSB)

Thread: Altcoins

3rd Party Investment area has been enabled in the Online Wallet at . This is the section where Fund Managers can offer their investment programs. To be sure that these are legit investments and not those scam ones, they're required to have at least 400K PSB Staking in the Online Wallet which will act as their locked funds so we're sure that they will stay true with their invesment program. Also they have to pay 0.01 BTC per week to me as fee for using the platform. Interested to become a Fund Manager, email me at .For the first Fund Manager to offer their services, it has 5% interest per month where the interest will be paid in Pesobit using Pesobit price at the end of your investment period. This will increase Buy orders in exchanges since the Fund Manager has to use the profit and buy Pesobits for distribution to the investors.There could be 1 day delay before your Investments become 'paid' since I have to submit your data to the Fund Manager first then wait for his response.Enjoy your weekend :) - BENJAMIN PACHECO (Founder PSB)  

Thread: Off-topic

Hola, solo puedo confirmar envio Total de NetCoin  264681.00, Las demas No, ya que tengo varios monederos y varias entradas, nesecitaria Fecha,hora y/o Monto enviado. Espero sepas disculpar posibles inconvenientes de mi pedido. Gracias y Saludos. Edito:  Tu dices haber enviado BTC, en ninguno de mis Monederos tengo una entrada de los 0,09 + beneficios.  

Thread: Altcoins

From the original Blog post Last week China’s two largest bitcoin exchanges have halted withdrawals of the virtual currency after the country’s central bank met with a group of exchange executives to warn them about the need to enforce rules on money laundering and foreign exchange. So bitcoin withdrawals will be suspended in China for one month until the 10th of March. As you can see from the diagram, up to 30% of Humaniq’s shareholders are expected to come from China. Withdrawal suspension means that some portion of potential ICO participants who were planning to join our crowdsale won’t be able to participate due to the inability to withdraw bitcoin.That’s why we’ve moved our ICO dates. ICO will be launched on 6th of April!This means you will have even more time to participate in our bounty campaign! Please see how you can join here Humaniq is developing a next-generation mobile application with 3-step bio identification. To make it work simply yet accurately we have found amazing professionals to work with us on this. is the company Humaniq will collaborate with. They are a world-leading visual recognition company. They develop software and solutions for finance, retail and security sectors.Founded in 2012, VisionLabs has been successful in projects with big corporations and governmental institutions worldwide. The partnership contract was signed this week. Humaniq got a new address! This week Humaniq has officially become registered in Luxembourg. Our new address is the following: SIM Lux Lab Société à responsabilité limitée — 25C, boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg. Great news for Blockchain Oscar’s participants: the prize has been increased from 5000 to 10000 Euros! One half will be paid in Bitcoins and the other in Humaniq tokens. So don’t hesitate to take part and win! Check all the details and submit your startup at page! Moscow-based Texan, and Humaniq contributor, Dwight Sproull, has published an article on his about how charities can benefit from blockchain technology. Philanthropic organizations experience a lot of challenges with financial logistics, and blockchain has solutions that will greatly improve the process and benefit both donors and recipients. Alex Fork has established a new partnership with indian enterpreneur Parth Bhatt Upendra Kumar. He is dealing with charity organisations and helping to connect them with socially unprotected people.Mr. Fork arranged a real-time game with people from a disadvantaged neighborhood in India. The activity was called “Humaniq in reality”. The locals got really interested in the game and took part in it without any financial reward, which we think is a good sign that unbanked populations are open and ready for the services Humaniq will provide.      

 scroll down, your other 2 deposits are visible below the most recent one. the deposits they look like faucet payouts and not a deposit made from a personal wallet.  if you are missing a deposit then open a support ticket, you a missing.  If it can't be found on a block explorer then don't even bother opening a ticket, it doesn't exist and you need to contact the sender or check your own wallet if it was transaction you created yourself.   Also faucet sites have been known to to pay less to players they beleive are cheating them, or the faucet themselves can be cheating their players and sending less btc then the player thought they had.  Any BTC sent to you deposit address and visible on the blockchain will be in your account after 2 confirmations, and I'm 101% certain if you check your address against a bitcoin block explorer, all the deposits you have will be shown in your history here.        

Thread: Off-topic

i am with you sir,,,i can wait but it should be only two weeks.after that i should get the profit of three weeks,,,two previous and one that week.thanks

Thread: Altcoins

Tradecoin getting mined again, great! The Mineshaft contract was over, and they stopped their service , so i created a pool, where u all can mine now.A highspeed Pool, and also a highspeed Node is avalaible now!!

Hello, I have a question! I did 3 little deposits on my cryptopia BTC address. But only one of the 3 worked... Thanks for your help!

Thread: Altcoins

New Highspeed Node for Tradecoin addnode=