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Thread: DotCoin(DOT)

I just got my withdraw into my DOTOLD balance. Looks like things are moving.

Thread: Services


Thread: Services

Every profile in ZONTO system has a wallet with internal currency “ZONTO Coins”. You can always use them on a par with real money to buy any paid functionalities, place advertisement, buy stickers and for many other things. ZONTO Coins can be earned in different ways, but the most profitable is to invite your friends to ZONTO. To do this, just send a link below to your friend, in any convenient way.

Thread: Services

Write to me in the Telegram @coolprofit  I'll tell you in detail)

I am having the same issue.  I sent Topia an request and they said they have no ETA for the resolution.

Hi, well according to my investors email crowd sale is ending very soon at a cap of 40 mil’s coming sooner!  

Same Question for me too. Moderators, plz answer. thanks!

Thread: Marketplace

I just recently discovered Cryptopia and it seems great! I wonder, though, if they're intending to implement /ETH markets? It's a popular base market at almost every other exchange and it would be very conveient to me, personally.  

Thread: Altcoins

there are truly some idiots trading here. A coin with instant mobile wallets and ATMs on the way people dumping like idiots. Dump all you want I will buy them all up.

Thread: DotCoin(DOT)

uh already send to my olddot coin account...   look out your coin guys    

Thread: Services

  Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the payment method of the future. In order to make such payments possible for all consumers with maximum convenience,  aims to connect the blockchains in the background and offer an easy-to-use interface to any of the blockchain and traditional assets. With the ICO to be conducted by the Distributor, a wide range of individuals will have the opportunity to participate in a long-term growth and success story to fundamentally change the world of payments, brokerage and banking.     (Affiliate link)   Cryptopay bitcoin and fiat money wallet and card   If you are grateful, click on my links :)  

Thread: API

Aye, tbf this was my first crack at python, brinking tkinter into the mix complicated matters. The focus here was nailing the API handling so that I could move over to C# (Originally intended C++).   That project is well underway now, I'll be putting up the binary and API.cs source in the next week or two.     I'm really keen to hear some admin input on my original post in this thread though.I assume they're busy bees but I'm offering to work with them to make the API better, rather than making a 10000000th post about how: "It doesn't allow you to select by order number", when you can just pull all orders and search the number yourself!

Hi guys, i finaly got al my coins back from the DOTSwap! 🎉. I hope you all to.. Happy trading!  👍

Thread: Trading

I would like to be able to trade Ripple (XRP) against BTC as well as Monaco (MCO).