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Thread: Philippines

hello pinoy here from pampanga

Thread: Mining

Awesome info...thanks. I will be trying this very soon.

Thread: Mining

I am using EOBOT and so far so good. It takes awhile to figure things out there, need to find a user guide altthough there are a substantial amount of videos regarding it on you tube. It is a legitimate company in a sea of fraudulent ones!

Thread: Marketplace

Hello, Im an experienced online seller who recently joined CRYPTOPIA and I really like the website. I look forward to contributing as a member. I was trying to find out the Member Count as well as see if we could get a few more Categories Added to the Marketplace? Some Categories I can think of are: Regards, C0INMAST3R  

Thread: Off-topic

buen dia, me dirijo a ustedes para solicitar su ayuda, como sabran hemos sufrido de varios sismos en mexico, los dos mas fuertes de 7.1 y 8.2 grados, dejando a mucha gente sin hogar, sin pertenencias y la mayoria sin comida, los que estamos cerca estamos dedicados a apoyar con tiempo, mano de obra, los que estan lejos se estan encargando de traer recursos monetarios para adquirir alimentos, herramientas, etc. si esta en sus corazones hacer una donacion para esta buena causa,pueden hacerlo tranfiriendo sus monedas al siguiente usuario a esta direccion de BTC a este usuario de paypal despues de hacer su donativo favor de enviar un mensajes con los siguientes datosusuariocantidadmoneda ( si es diferente de BTC)medio por el cual donaron, esto para llevar un control Saludos     good day, I am writing to you to request your help, as you will know we have suffered from several earthquakes in Mexico, the two strongest of 7.1 and 8.2 degrees, leaving many people homeless, without belongings and most without food,those of us close are dedicated to supporting with time, labor,those who are far away are in charge of bringing monetary resources to purchase food, tools, etc. if it is in your hearts to make a donation for this good cause,they can do it by transferring their coins to the next user to this address of BTC to this paypal user after making your donation please send a message with the following informationuserquantitycurrency (if different from BTC)means by which they donated, this to take control regards    

it was 0.0005 before which was already higher than other exchanges. i can see people leaving this exchange in the future when they have other options.

I've noticed that the fee to withdraw bitcoin is set in stone at 0.001 The mempool has been very roomy lately and my last deposit got here very quickly with only a 0.0002 fee, and this was higher than it really needed to be.  I'd love to have the option to choose my own fee. Please consider  cheers

Thread: Altcoins

Some constructive feedback for this past show:            

Не могу вывести kayicoin - пишет - инвалид адрес. Поддержка говорит пробуйте еще раз. Пробую не помогает. Может у кого была такая проблема?

Cryptopia's ADMIN, what happened to my 3000 SIGT that i transferred from signatum qt to my cryptopia's signatum address on 21/09/2017? Not showing anything until now. Is it gone? nothing is shown in my deposit history. Have been 37 hours until now

I am 30+ hours on my ticket  no acknowledgement, nothing. 

Thread: Philippines

hello guys! :)

Thread: Philippines

 hindi na cya ma change unless n lng magregister ka ulit saken   

Thread: Marketplace

Dear membersAntMiner D3 – 15GH/s X11 ASIC Miner (September batch) + APW3++ Power Supply available in Imperium Miner Shop

Thread: Mining

Dear membersAntMiner D3 – 15GH/s X11 ASIC Miner (September batch) + APW3++ Power Supply available in Imperium Miner Shop

Thread: Trading

If trading were easier, everyone would have become traders, and if life were easier it would have been boring. When something is difficult, we tend to enjoy it more and focus on it more. As an example, if your life were simple you would be following the monotonous work, and it would have been boring, but if it is adventurous, you will do new things every day. Importantly, you will not give up life just because you face ups and downs so likewise in Forex trading you will come across ups and downs yet the feeling of ‘giving up' should not be there in a Forex trader's vocabulary. The traders in the United Kingdom did not become successful without facing these ups and downs if they had thought to give up back then they would not have become successful by now. So, if you want to get successful like the traders in the United Kingdom, you should not give up. Of course, it is obvious for a trader to get the feeling of giving up but he or she should never give up as Forex trading is for the ones who try, the ones who practice, and for the people who stand again. Let us dive in to reveal more. When you feel like giving up just think why did you start trading? Why did you crave for the freedom? Why did you believe that trading was better than other jobs? Of course, it is not easy to trade, but it is not good to give up either. When you are trading, you should accept the losses you incur not that you should keep on making losses. If you are facing losses without a break, then you should check whether you are using the wrong strategy so you should try some other methods so and so but you should never give up. Especially, think about the reasons why you selected Forex trading and think what will happen if you give up trading. If you give up trading, you should go back to the boring jobs, commanding bosses, etc. Before you give up play the re-cap to see why you started. You think only you are feeling depressed, and only you feel like giving up and are you the only trader who is making losses? You are not alone almost all the successful traders have faced these situations. When you are trading the , you will come across different strategies and techniques so you should try it in demo accounts if it works you can trade live accounts with the new strategies so likewise, there are solutions for each and everything. If you read about the professional traders, you would understand that none of them had a smooth trading career. If you are greedy you will over-trade then definitely at a point you will feel like giving up so, in such instance remember, you should try not to be greedy. Greed is one of the most dangerous elements that can ruin a trader’s life. You need to have rational expectation over your investment and trade the market based on quality signals. Without having strong patience or control over your greed, it’s just a matter of time to lose your entire trading account. Devotion, determination, and dedication are often called as the 3D model to become a successful trader. To become a successful trader, you must have all these three qualities. The successful traders at Saxo are making tons of money in every single month based on this three quality. They know that this market is only for the smart investors and they can’t afford to make any mistake. So be determined while you trade the market and focus on finding the perfect trading signals.

Over 24 hours since I logged the support ticket, no response or acknowlegment... is this normal for Cryptopia support?