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Thread: Altcoins

Episode 61 available now!@Chaindynamics on twitter

Intro 0:00:00News 0:01:45Gnosis Crowdsale 0:01:53Antbleed 0:03:33SEC Reviews ETF Decision 0:05:24ETC Fund 0:07:14One Coin Crackdown 0:08:43Byteball Airdrops 0:10:16Markets 0:11:08Gainers(Mega, Trust, Golem, AntShares) 0:19:10Losers(POSWallet, Gulden,SkyCoin, BitBay) 0:19:54DOT Giveaway 0:20:43New Coins 0:21:53GenX Coin 0:22:14MaxoCoin 0:23:18EvaCoin 0:23:48XMD 0:24:05X-Revolution 0:25:06Alien Coin 0:27:19Cromulent Coin 0:27:58Emergency 0:28:20Globus 0:28:28Condensation 0:28:57Blackbit 0:29:36Waah 0:30:41Crave Coin Takeover 0:31:49ScatCoin 0:32:48PlatinCoin 0:33:46Bitcore 0:34:21Jewels 0:35:14Attraction Coin 0:36:11Ico's 0:36:40Rolling Review 0:38:03Coin Listings 0:44:18Cryptopia(Procoin, Pink, BitStar, PepeCoin, BitCore) 0:44:50Bittrex(RLC, WINGS, Lunyr, GNOSIS,GUPPY) 0:45:04Yobit(TLE, Tatto Limited Edition) 0:45:47C-Cex(Pro Currency, AVC, Pcash) 0:46:03NovaExchange(Maxocoin, BitcoinPlus, Undev, Tor, VSync, Mygulfcoin, Ganjacoin, Halfmoon, Icoin, Dibcoin, Evacoin, Putinclassic, Utrump, Madbytecoin, Cryptodao, Joincoin, AtcCoin) 0:45:18Livecoin(PIVX, FUNCoin) 0:46:20Coin Birthdays 0:47:57PlatinumBar 1 Year 0:48:06GPUCoin 1 Year 0:49:01Outro 0:49:44

Tune in! We are happy to receive suggestions of topics to cover. Drop us a line

Thread: Altcoins

Sorry I missed the question creativ888 & thank you MrFloppy.   Get ready for the 5th round of Byteball distribution on May 10 at 09:43 PM      

Thread: Altcoins

Decred, The World’s First Fully Democratic Cryptocurrency Platform, Receives an Upgrade -

  You can get a coin added using Paytopia - After you have completed and submitted the form for listing on Paytopia, administrators will review the coin/code and begin the listing process immediately, if for any reason the listing is rejected due to incompatibility or the code review should fail the full listing price will be immediately refunded to your account. You are also welcome to create a thread for your coin in the altcoins section of our forums (, there is no requirement that a coin needs to already listed on Cryptopia to have its own thread here.

Thread: Mining

    great to hear. i put the pause under the bat line in case of error in the bat line then if miner fails it will pause and not shut off so i can see what went wrong

Is there a standard process for requesting a coin to be added?   Thanks

Thread: Altcoins

I feel triangles represents the closeness of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as they such open and loving in their relationship to be considered One.  TRI's eco-friendly fairness i feel is a gift to humanity and these are our opportunities to thrive.

Thread: Mineshaft

How to mine bitcoin in cryptopia?

У меня привет всем шахтерам и продавать собственную скорость при минимальных затратах на самом деле не продают, я как процент от инвестиций, Оплата производится каждую неделю, каждый понедельник платежи производятся, и предоставление всей информации на моей веб-странице: Я каждый день 0,5% от инвестиций, но если вы хотите, чтобы получить больше Подарок 2%, если вы приносите кого-то invirerta, они не упоминаются, только подарок. Минимальная шахта 0,001 BTC максимум 0,5 BTC Если вы инвестируете более 0,5 BTC в день будет 1% от инвестиций В течение 3 месяцев. А привет всем ..

Thread: Services

Greetings to all have miners themselves and sell speed to the minimum cost really not for sale, am a percentage of the inverted, payment is made every week, every Monday is carried out payments, and giving all the information in my web page: give every day the 0.5% of the invested, but if you want to get more gift 2% If you bring someone that invirerta Not they are referred to, is only a gift. minimum for the mine is 0.0001 BTC maximum is 0.5 BTC If you invest more than 0.5 BTC will be 1% of the inverted daily for 3 months. A greetings to everyone...

Invertir mas de 0.5 BTC en la mina 1.5% de lo invertido Durante 3 meses

Thread: Mining

  Nice :) My only remaining suggestion was going to be to check that you are not trying to mine at a fixed difficulty that is too high. Ran into a situation like that today on another pool. Dropped difficulty for worker, restarted mining software (BFGminer), and now hashing away!!!

Thread: Altcoins

 i just wearing my avatar my cryptopia id is ululamri my wallet  LatrZNeCmyBazhSoSzJbd9K7Wm4FRA8Nug

Thread: Altcoins

: As an avid gambler, I have been quite interested in the Peerplays project. Taken from their website (, . It is built using Graphine, which is the same blockchain technology as Steem! Peerplays has already raised over $4,000,000 dollars through their crowdfund, and they are aiming to raise another $5,000,000. In the current 'tier' (which is 32% sold out at the time of writing this post), you can purchase tokens at $5/ea. (After the current tier sells out, they will go up to $5.20/ea, then $5.35/ea, then $5.45/ea.) Their interface to purchase tokens has been recently upgraded, and is a lot easier than their old method! To purchase tokens as part of their crowdfund, follow these steps:      1.Go to      2.Click the "Download" button to save your public and private keys.      3.      4.Really - Save them. Back them up! Do it now!!     5.Check the checkbox that says you understand lost keys cannot be recovered.      6. (Optional) Estimate how many dollars worth of Peerplays coins you can purchase per BTC sent.      7. Click "Continue"     8.Send the BTC to the address specified.      9. Wait a bit for the transaction to clear. (It might take a few hours.)    10.Go here and enter the public key (from the public/private key pair above) to see how many coins you have: Here is the info on claiming coins: : :

Thread: Altcoins

macOS wallet added to download page at