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Thread: Marketplace

Why not make the trade pair list shorter but sweeter for UNO? All the below are listed on so trading is registered for the bots watching.$$$_UNO Or like a list of 42 UNO pairs.  Can start with 12 UNO pairs and trial list new pairs to see if they work.   Suggest 12 UNO pairs BTC LTC ETC DOGE USDT BLK PPC XPM RDD POT MEOW Quark

Thread: API

I came here to ask this also... It would be a lot easer to implement serverside than it is to reverse engineer on our side.

Thread: Altcoins

: June 26, 2017  My day today (just a normal day) Chronologically: - Met a big VC fund (100 mil) that wants to do an ICO for a subfund for online home services- Met a VR project that wants to do an ICO, working prototype.- Had negotiations with national depositary regarding a project of verifying digital assets ownership. Certificates of ownership for blockchain tokens, that could be a groundbreaking project connecting corporate world to the world of crypto- Set up a call with top security audit firm (Kudelski) regarding Waves code audit- Talked to another ICO project (chat bots, working marketplace with revenue)- Went to the top Russian Business TV channel to talk about crypto and ICO's, with Vitalik participating on Skype- Met another ICO project (payment system, guys own an offshore bank)- Met a lawyer who is building the legal structure for - Had a talk with the most famous HR specialist in Russia, set up another interview for CMO position.- Played with my kid for an hour- Had another call regarding PR and international promotion- Besides, raised around 5 mil in the first day of their ICO,- And two new members joined our team: Max (CBDO) and Anna (my PA) . Cheers.

Thread: Altcoins

We are pleased to provide a business update to the community with some exciting news about our team, working arrangements, office space and some new team members who will be joining Blockchain Foundry.  Recently, both Jag Sidhu and Brad Hammerstron committed to working on Blockchain Foundry and Syscoin on a full-time basis with Willy Ko committing to three days per week. This is a huge step forward for the whole team. We expect it to have a materially positive impact on our overall pace of development and allow us to roll out new products much more quickly than in the past. : 

Thread: Altcoins

Byteball, a rather recent virtual currency, has been popping up everywhere on the web and in transactions. But how is it different from other cryptocurrencies? Since the early 2000’s, cryptocurrency has been used for digital transactions all around the world. Although the original cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which is still the most widely known today, there are over seven hundred other currencies – all of which have their own unique characteristics. a rather recent virtual currency, has been popping up everywhere on the web and in transactions, and the question remains – :

Congratulations. Keep up the good work and keep growing. You guys deserve it, especially the "Salaries" expense.   Cheers

Thread: Altcoins

Why is CreditBit so unique among cryptocurrencies? and are new ways to issue and distribute Ethereum Tokens and CreditDAO and CreditIDENTITY are building a community and the ecosystem around the Token.

Thread: Altcoins

: The Auto-Buy Script will be made available on the tomorrow (June 28th) at 12:00pm GMT +0.  Just follow the simple instructions on the dashboard to utilize it.  Any transactions sent prior to this time will throw so .

  Also ich hab gerade "ein paar" Verge gekauft. Das ging ganz easy. Hast du vielleicht den Preis falsch eingestellt/ Mit . und , was verwechselt oder in der Dezimalstelle verrutscht?! Buy und Sell auseinander zu halten hatte ich Anfangs auch Schwierigkeiten;)   Ich bin seit kurzem hier. Mir gefällt, das es so viele Währungen gibt. Das Design finde ich auch ganz gut. Was mich ein bisschen nervt, dass die Leute immer mit Peanut-Beträgen handeln. Außerdem scheinen hier Bots am Werk, die einen immer in Sekundenschnelle um genau 1 Cent überbieten, so dass man leer ausgeht.   Meine aktuellen Tipps: -Ich habe Geld in  gesteckt (das gibt's hier nicht, aber ich denke es ist ein gutes Langzeit Invest). Auf Bitstamp gibt es ganz gute Preise dafür. Gründe: Banken und starke Investoren pushen es, sehr leistungsstark und schnell, hochprofessionelle Entwickler. - habe ich auch gekauft. Viele prophezeien ihm eine große Zukunft. Es hat eine ganz vernünftige Website und scheint sich in nächster Zeit stark weiterzuentwickeln. Noch ist es günstig, jetzt durch die Krise konnte ich noch mal günstig nachschlagen. -Außerdem ein bisschen Synereo im Portfolio. Interessante Geschäftsidee dahinert (Belohnung für Onlinebeiträge, z.B. Youtube-Videos) Da soll bald eine Beta starten. Die könnte natürlich den Preis beflügeln. Kann auch in die Hose gehen. Außerdem kann ich nicht ganz glauben, das Youtube, Facbeook und Co. nicht dagegen vorgehen werden... also ich habe nicht viel davon, und hier verkaufen die Leute es entweder in Mini-Beträgen oder zu nicht marktgerechten Preisen. Ich belasse es also einfach mal dabei ;)

¡Hola! Un novato por acá! ¿Qué son DOTs? ¡Saludos!

yo he ganado 2 veces ahi seria una buena opurtunidad para los q comienza en este mundo participar para tener una buena base 

Wat's the new information  

Hola todos/as   Como muchos de ustedes ya saben me he puesto a crear videos de youtube, hablo en ingles pero todos pueden ganar premios ya que lo anuncion en espanol tambien.   Para ganar simplemente pongan mi canal cuando yo este en vivo, no hace falta que lo esten viendo, simplemente escuchen.   premios han variado desde 25 dot hasta 3200 dot!! por premio   el canal es         Gracias a todos y ya nos veremos!!