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Thread: Services

Most of the existing lotteries are totally centralized or even controlled by a government, therefore are hardly transparent. We want to build TrueFlip as provably fair and decentralized lottery platform that cannot be controled by either any nation, state, single authority or any of our team members. 

Thread: Marketplace

Hey everyone - i'm very interested in being in the market place - seems like a cool place to show off my custom hydroponic builds - as well as offer to build them  - right now I'm offering a recirculating deep water culture hydroponic system  for indoor use - and the way I have it priced includes literally EVERYTHING you need to start growing indoors with the exception of seeds as that will be up to you to get your own, or simply use clones    my systems start at around .75 BTC and go up depending on what extras and additional consulting you may need - feel free to contact me , or view my posting on the market place and place an order  -    the current system is a clone of my outdoor bucket system - i hand build everything  down to spec  and ship it to you for easy installation  - this quote is for an indoor sysem so it will include all lights , tents, nutrients, power protectors timers and more!  literally WAY more than any of the big competitiors out there can offer!   heres my how to video if ya want to do it yourself !     find me on  youtube, steemit, facebook, instagram or my website ( )    

Thread: Altcoins

.___Viberate is poised to disrupt the global live music market with its newest token crowdsale. The initiative is supported by the European Commission’s “Music Moves Europe” as well as the Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. In addition, the crowdsale is being advised by Charlie Shrem and Stanford professor and Pinterest Chief Scientist – Dr. Jure Leskovec.___Read more on 

Thread: Bitcoin(BTC)

Ethereum Scam Database -   Ethereum but has some brief info on each as well as Disqus commenting.  

Thread: Altcoins

___UPDATE: AirToken new dates — Pre-Sale and ICO extended.___Pre-ICO to 9/9___Main ICO begins 9/19___read more 

This means a problem with your email provider, check your spam folder, whitelist Cryptopia, or contact your email provider and ask them to unblock Cryptopia so the emails can reach you.   also not a good idea to click resend anymore then once or twice, as a burst of clicks could lead to your email provider to block the emails. if it continues to be a problem for you then you can also change your accounts email address by opening a ticket with support :     

Thread: Trading

Hello,     We would like to announce , one app which can provide traders with all the necessary data.   Our team has a lot of experience in trading and developing artificial intelligence (AI). We have used various trading applications but we were not happy. That’s why we build.    Our goal is to create an app that can provide all necessary data for traders, such as technical analysis, news, and public opinions that are obtained based on different keywords on the social media.   Here are some of the main features of our app:   -     the trading data (volume and trending percentage), including order history and order book. -    Providing the  and  data of each cryptocurrency on social media. -    Gathering all of the about each cryptocurrency and translating them into different languages (coming soon). -    Providing our team . -    And many other premium features (coming soon).   At the moment, we have an AI that can provide trading recommendations and predictions based on the collected data. However, we are still in the beta stage, and our app will be available to the public only once we are happy with the results.   We are committed to continually developing this app. Please let us know if you have any idea about the features that we should include or improve. In case we use any of your ideas, we will either pay you or give you an unlimited access to our app as a small gift.   In addition, we also give affiliate commission (30%) when you refer other people. However, your account must be active and you need to have at least the Basic package.   With regards,     Below is our interface:   Our with volume and social chart:     Our  page:  

Thread: Marketplace

( What'sApp Chat ) : +14302016873 OR 0014302016873( Call & SMS ) : +14302016873........................................ New Sapphire Radeon NITRO +AND MSI AMD DDR5 RX470 RX 480 RX570 rx580 RX 580 8gb Video Card graphics card cost 200 USD AMD FirePro W9100 32GB GDDR5 Professional GPU Graphic Video Card 4K 6x Mini DP cost 1,400 USD AMD FirePro W9100 16GB GDDR5 Professional GPU Graphic Video Card 4K 6x Mini DP COST 1,200 USD Ethereum/Zcash/Monero Mining Rig 6 X GTX 1070 / 180MH/S cost 2,400 USD ANTMINER D3 15GH/s DASHCOIN ANTMINER 1200W cost 2,200 USD Antminer L3+ Litecoin 504 Mh/s Miner cost 3,000 USD Antminer S9 13.5TH/s cost 1,300 USD AntMiner S7 4.73 TH/s cost 500 USD ........................................Write to Email :

Thread: Altcoins

 Yes, it will definitely have an impact. Good luck in collecting some more :)

Thread: Altcoins

Hello! 30 minutes ago I made a BTA withdraw from cryptopia to bittrex and after 30 minutes I checked my wallet and the transaction it's not even pending, though if I see that on cryptopia the status of the transaction is complete. I checked the transaction id on the BTA blockchain and the transaction doesn't exist, what is happening ??

 Unde pot invata si eu mai multe despre arbitraj? Am incercat, insa imi ia foarte mult timp sa mut monedele dintr-un exchange in altul, exista vreo metoda sa faci arbitraj fara sa muti monedele dintr-un exchange in altul ?

Hi, It seems there is a problem with withdrawal emails. I tried to issue multiple withdrawal orders and to resend the email several times without success. This is very frustrating because it means I cannot withdraw anything. Is anyone having the same issue? Thanks, -kane

Thread: API

So i have started working with your API, but sometime when i submit a sell i get the error message "User trading disabled". what does it means ?  thanks 

Thread: Altcoins

Ok all good, I expect it is pretty fast, as heat is not new and has been around for a year and already prooven its stability. I will move all my ETC to heat.

Hello cryptopia staff! My withdraw(GLD) is still processing.It's not done. Please help me!

Thread: Altcoins

 I tried to seek some information regarding that but did not quite find anything exact. I guess it depends on the token and technical difficulty. Hopefully this will not be a long wait :)

Ребят, привет всем!Не подскажете- чё творится с БРОшкой? Чё то уже 2 суток написано- на паузе!!!!Будет ли вообще работать, а то я уже сюда этих БРОшек понакидал, а тут пишут на паузе!!!Кто -нить сталкивался с этой проблемой?

 If you cannot see the Listing option on Paytopia page, it means coins listing are not being accepted at this time.  You cannot get your coin added until the option is available again on the page.  Check back in a few weeks.